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         Grid 2 Guide for Healers

         -focused on icons-

Shadowed Raid Frames         

Gladius CCTracker DR Spell Alerter Quartz Aloft


In this guide I will present Gladius, CCtracker, Diminishingreturns , Spell Alerter , Quartz and Interrupt bar. These addons work well together with the addons presented in the combat section(Power Auras, Ghost Pulse and Class Timer). Download links are below this video. Also if you have any questions regarding these addons feel free to ask on the forums.

I will start with Gladius. Gladius is a well known arena unit frames addon. To see some test bars for 3vs3 type /gladius test3. It displays the enemy class, spec , health, power bar and spell casting bar. Check Lock to move it around.

By default left click selects a target, right click sets focus, You can modify this from the “click actions” tab. Also you can set key binds for selecting enemy1 or enemy2.

Gladius can give raid warnings for various events. You may want to take out the race from the text info, so you can better see the spec.

But what’s most useful about Gladius is that it can display the more important effects on the enemy players. Like CC’s or immunities. These will display over the class icon and are called auras. You can add/delete auras and set a priority for each. Note that the one with the highest priority will be on top. The priority order is useful for when more than one effect takes place you should see the one that matters to you most. The default setup is fairly well made.

These auras are very important when cc-ing , as you usually want to link the cc’s, and you always want to see the auras in time and with little or no effort... and that means making the aura icon larger. Unfortunately, you can only make the aura size larger by making the class icon larger and that means making the health and /or power bars perhaps larger than needed on the screen.

If you would like to have some other means of noticing cc’s then you can try CCtracker. CC tracker can show effects for your party members and for your enemies. You can let gladius handle the effect on the enemies, while using cc tracker to see CC’s on party members.

In the config menu select show anchor to see where the bars are. Move them by holding alt and dragging. You will notice I have my friendly bar to the left , where my teammates are. You might want to set up fade time to 0 for more responsiveness. And increase the size so that you can notice the effects more quickly. Be fast to notice a silence on your healer and you might just be able to stay alive.

Type /cctracker test to check them out.
Ok so if you are linking CC’s, you might want to know the time on diminishing returns. A great addon for that is well. .. actually called “Diminishing Returns”.It fits really well with Gladius and doesn’t require any serious configuring. It really is invaluable druids or mages, classes that have their cc spell with no cooldown.

You will want to avoid getting that immune effect on your target after 3 consecutive CC’s, thus, use this and you will know when the diminishing returns end so you can cc some more.

You might want to take off the list the effects that don’t interest you. For example on my druid I only want to see cyclones and roots, so I take out everything else. Check test to test it out.Set the icon size from frame options, Gladius, Icon zise.

Spell alerter gives yet another way of noticing enemy spell casts. Type /sa to see the configuration menu. You can add or remove spells that interest you. This addon will spam in most games , not to mention in 3vs3 with double enemy casters. You can reduce the spam effect by taking out some of the spell that don’t really need.

The advantage that Spell Alerter has over …let say Ghost Pulse ,Power Auras or Quartz is that it shows who is casting on who, so you know whether the enemy is casting on you or on your healer. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t allow to set up a focus cast. And by that I mean to set focus to an enemy healer or dps and watch only his casts.

And that brings us to Quartz. Quartz can be used to see the focused enemy spell cast in a clear frame. And that can be really useful if you want to cc’s or interrupt. In my addon list I only have quartz and quartz focus enabled, the rest of it is mostly intended for casters. For casters this addon is useful because you can modify the way your cast bar looks and more importantly healers can better notice when they get interrupted.

To configure type /quartz.
If you wish to set up your focus cast bar go to focus, uncheck lock to move it. And here you will find a couple of options that relate to it’s size, texture and text. Yet unfortunately no option to set it to display only for specific spells. As presented in the other videos, use power auras or ghost pulse if you wish to see warnings for specific spells.

If you are a healer that doesn’t really enjoy getting interrupted, you can try Interruptbar. When the enemy skill is on cooldown you can freely cast away your large heals. When it’s off cooldown you can try to fake cast. Type /ib to see the options. Position the spells. Type /ib hidden and that is basically it. Now, when the enemy uses a kick effect on you, you will notice, the respective enemy icon will pop up, if you managed to fake cast it now you have 10 seconds of free cast till the next time.

Well, it doesn’t show arcane torrent and a couple of other interrupts like various stuns but I think you are better of without those for if you were to keep track of all of them you would get too distracted focusing on them rather than on something else.

Another useful arena addon is Aloft. It changes the way the enemy or friendly nameplates look. It can also take out some of the more annoying nameplates. Like the snakes from a hunter snake trap or the totems from a shaman. Configuration options are a bit complicated. Type /aloft waterfall to enter the menu. You can enable various modules that interest you. I have Alpha , Icon and Visibility added.

I use the alpha to fade out the nameplates of whoever is not my target.I use Visibility for the hunter snakes and for the totems.

Bartender, Dominos, Watcher, MSBT


Bartender 4
Tell me When

Bartender and Dominos are action bar addons and both of them do virtually the same thing, they let you modify the way your action bars look. This is Barthender that you see right now on my warrior and this is dominos… on my dk… see not that much of a diference… well maybe except for the configuration panels … they look different. With bar addons you can reposition and resize the bars. Why is this useful? Well because like this, for one,you don’t have to see the blacksmithing skill while pvp-ing. But really the idea is that you can have your main cooldowns in a larger bar positioned where you can see them easily while things that you don’t really need… can go in a small bar to the side of the screen, Or you can even fade them out.

Let’s check out the configuration options for Bartender:
1st of, to move the bars, simply left click the icon. Place them around as you see fit. Modify the out of range indicator if you don’t like the default red. I don’t like the entire skill going red so I’ve got only the hotkey selected here, like this is just more similar to the default blizz way. Select the bar that you wish to configure, you will notice they are numbered. Set the rows to 12 if you want it to go vertical Set the scale as you see fit. You can choose to hide your hotkeys. Or to hide a certain bar depending , on a couple of options, like weather or not you are in combat.

An interesting and of course optional way of using the actionbar addon is to have it set up to display your short cooldowns larger, so you can consider it as a cooldown tracker. Because the skills don’t just pop on your screen when ready, you get to see them regen, and this gives you more of a warning time for when a short cooldown skill is about to be ready. Well the same effect can be achieved with Ghost Pulse or with Power Auras, it will be up to you to decide which one you like best.

Mostly this addon is usefull, as you can see on this arcane mage, to have the cooldowns set in a larger size , next to each other, while the instant skills or spells go below, this allows the player to more easily keep track of his cooldowns..

On thing to note is that … if, let’s say, you have keybinded q on one location in spec 1, then when you switch spec q will be binded to the same location, so you can’t keybind q to one location on one spec, and to another location on the other spec. Only the skills will change their position on spec switching, not the keybinds. This might be a bit of a nuisance for players that want to their key bind order a bit different from one spec to the other.

Well the addon works same way as the default blizz way. That is because key binds are held on the blizz sever side… so dominos or whatever other bar addon will work in the same way, (at least till blizz changes some stuff).

If you are having problems with skills getting rotated on spec change then use the profiles.

Watcher looks like this. What does it bring new to the table? Your skills flow from right to left as they come of cooldown and the one that is on top is the one with the highest priority. Hunters might like this addon.You will need to set up a priority order for your skills, provided you know what the priority order is.

If for your class the priority of skills changes from situation to situation, then you can set up profiles and you can have a key binded to switch between two or more priority orders.

Overall an useful addon, especially for raiding rotations and raid dps improvements. In combination with power auras it also might also make a good option even for pvp. All in all a hard is is a hard choice between watcher , power auras and ghost pulse.

If you would rather have text warnings instead of the graphical warnings then you can choose to use MikScrollingBattleText. The text flows nicely around you character. You can modify the location of the text from Scrool Areas, configure Scrool areas. Damage done is to the right, named outgoing, damage taken to the left, named incoming, skill procs are above, named Notification, and skills ready are at the bottom, named Static.

If you wish to take out or change the sound for a ready skill go to Cooldowns, click on the configure icon, and set the sound.

Tell me When is like Power Auras only with less options. It is more easy to configure. Just add the skill that you wish to see. I use it on my warrior in pvp because it can display when my intercept or charge are ready even if I’m in the wrong stance.

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