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Class Timer


Class Timer

To better exemplify the utility of this addon I’m going to start by showing you how do I use it on a couple of my characters.

On my warrior I use it to display Rend , Hamstring and Sunders. On my rogue on the pve mutilate setup I use it to display Rupture, Slice and Dice and Hunger for Blood. On the pvp setup I use it to Cheap Shot , Kidney Shot , Gouge. I let Gladius handle sap and blind.On my dk I use it to display the diseases. On my resto druid I use it to display hots.

And you might ask… but why don’t you use X-perl or Pitbull to display your buffs or debuffs in a larger size? In X-perl, with just a simple check on big buffs you can see the buffs in double size. With pitbull you have to go to Layout Editor, Aura, Buff Layout, and modify Icon Size for my Auras.

Well I would rather use Class Timer for that because optimization is key, especially if you want to have a fast reaction time and become better in pvp or pve. And a fast reaction time means that you aren’t getting distracted by non critical information.

For example on my warrior I don’t need to see in double size Trauma, Blood Frenzy or Deep Wounds , but I am interested in seeing hamstring and rend .At the same time on the druid I don’t need to see in a larger size Mark of the Wild or Thorns, but I am interested in seeing the hots very clearly.

To set up class timer you just enter the addons configuration menu- >click Class timer. Now the 1st thing you need to figure out is what do you wish to be displayed? What do you wish to see different? A buff/debuff on your target or an effect on yourself? For my druid’s hots I have target selected.

-go to timers and check the effects that you wish to see

You will notice how many I don’t have selected. Again, don’t want to be distracted by 100 bars on my screen.

If I wish to modify the way the bars look for my target I select target , I uncheck lock to see it better and to be able to position it around, I can set the width and height, or modify the text and textures.

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