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Class Timer


Class Timer

To better exemplify the utility of this addon I’m going to start by showing you how do I use it on a couple of my characters.

On my warrior I use it to display Rend , Hamstring and Sunders. On my rogue on the pve mutilate setup I use it to display Rupture, Slice and Dice and Hunger for Blood. On the pvp setup I use it to Cheap Shot , Kidney Shot , Gouge. I let Gladius handle sap and blind.On my dk I use it to display the diseases. On my resto druid I use it to display hots.

And you might ask… but why don’t you use X-perl or Pitbull to display your buffs or debuffs in a larger size? In X-perl, with just a simple check on big buffs you can see the buffs in double size. With pitbull you have to go to Layout Editor, Aura, Buff Layout, and modify Icon Size for my Auras.

Well I would rather use Class Timer for that because optimization is key, especially if you want to have a fast reaction time and become better in pvp or pve. And a fast reaction time means that you aren’t getting distracted by non critical information.

For example on my warrior I don’t need to see in double size Trauma, Blood Frenzy or Deep Wounds , but I am interested in seeing hamstring and rend .At the same time on the druid I don’t need to see in a larger size Mark of the Wild or Thorns, but I am interested in seeing the hots very clearly.

To set up class timer you just enter the addons configuration menu- >click Class timer. Now the 1st thing you need to figure out is what do you wish to be displayed? What do you wish to see different? A buff/debuff on your target or an effect on yourself? For my druid’s hots I have target selected.

-go to timers and check the effects that you wish to see

You will notice how many I don’t have selected. Again, don’t want to be distracted by 100 bars on my screen.

If I wish to modify the way the bars look for my target I select target , I uncheck lock to see it better and to be able to position it around, I can set the width and height, or modify the text and textures.

Ghost Pulse


Ghost Pulse 2
Ghost Pulse 3

GP works in combination with Power Auras, while power auras is displaying my short cooldowns, Ghostpulse is set to display the long cooldowns, abilities with over a minute cooldown. When the abilities come off cooldown they flash.

When making this video there were to available options for GhostPulse. GP2 and GP3. With GP2 being a bit old and giving some errors, and with GP3 being too new and in beta 13. Thus, since they virtually work around the same principle, just with a modified interface, I’m gonna present both of them.

I will start with GP 2. Type /gp to bring up the configuring interface. Uncheck “locked” to see where your cooldowns are to be displayed. You will notice you are working with frames. Or boxes if you will. Each individual box can be configured to display a certain type of action.. Let’s say I want to see a flash when my bladestorm is ready. I have a new frame, called cooldowns, it’s this one here, in this new frame I have checked -> Player Spell Cooldowns.

Next I’ll add Bladestorm on the white list. Bladestorm will now display here when it’s cooldown finishes. For every ability that I wish displayed, I have to type it in the whitelist. If I wish that a skill not be displayed I can remove it from the whitelist or add it to the blacklist.

You can modify the size and position of the frame, you can choose to see text on it. (the text is going to be the name of the skill) . Hold time means how long the flash is going to last, fade in and fade out are the times for it to appear and disappear.

You can check multiple options and add multiple skills on the whitelist for the same frame, they will simply display in the same way on the same spot. However you might wish to a new frame, and see some skills display in a different way, perhaps in some other location on your screen. Let’s say for example you are an unholy dk and you want to add your pet stun, gnaw, to show up in another frame. Go to frames, type the name. Enter, place it around, modify it , set Pet Spell Cooldowns, and add “Gnaw”.

If you wish use GP as a spell alerter, select Enemy Spell Casts (focus). Add up the name of the spells that you would like to be notified of on the whitelist.

Now let’s check out the configuring interface for GP3. GP3 works on the same principles. Once again check locked to change the position. Mouse scrolling over them will change their size. Shift+ mouse scroll will change the size of the text. Now, if you wish to add up bladestorm, go to the Cool downs Frame and add , on the whitelist Bladestorm. You will notice I have player spell cooldowns checked. Anything else that I check here will show up in the same box.

If you wish to modify the way your cooldowns show select from the left side player spell cooldowns and uncheck, for example, out of combat. In a soon to come version of GP3 you will also have a fade scale here and an option to set the duration of the flash. Notice also the pre-warning option, this is a new option for GP3, and you might find it useful for skills that need to be used the second they are ready.

When it comes to displaying short duration skills power auras is fairly good. If you checked the power auras video you know what that addon is all about.

With power auras the process of action is like this:
Skill comes of cooldown
Skill is displayed
Player sees the skill
Player presses the button.
The skill gets used.

However with the GP and the pre warning method the process is:
Player sees the pre-warning
Player starts spamming the skill
Player uses the skill the second it comes of cooldown.

So that means that when using GP you get an improvement in reaction time.

Unfortunately with GP you can’t get that confirmation of the mini picture disappearing after you used the skill. In pvp when you are stunned or slowed that extra confirmation helps. It is up to you to decide which addon you will use for each skill. I would suggest keeping ghost pulse for pve while using power auras for reactive abilities and for pvp

Power Auras


Download: Power Auras Classic

In this video I will present Power Auras. In soon to come videos I will present Ghost Pulse, Class Timer, Bartender ,Tell me When, Watcher and Mike’s Scrolling Combat Text. These addons generally relate to combat , skill usage, and cooldowns. Addons are an important part of wow and having good, well configured addons can improve your gaming experience in both pve and pvp.

Don’t try to configure your addons all at once. Take your time, while playing, try to figure out what the normal interface isn’t offering you and then try to set that up using addons. If you have any questions about any of the addons presented in this video feel free to ask on the learn2playwow forums. You will also find links to download these addons below this video if you are watching this on

Power Auras, Ghost Pulse and Class Timer are the magic 3 that I like and… between these addons , there isn’t really anything you can’t do. These addons will, in general , improve your reaction time.

Power Auras is the one that you see on my warrior most of the time. Basically, this addon, among other things, is useful for displaying short cooldowns and reactive abilities.

Not just warriors, but almost any class can make use of this addon. For example, Retribution paladins can choose to display Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Judgement of Wisdom and, most useful, The Art of War procs.

Priests can have Penance, Fear and Shield in a similar fashion. Power Word shield is especially useful as it takes into account the weakened soul effect. Mages can set up blink, and frost nova, hunters can set up Chimera Shot and Arcane Shot and… as you can see, most classes can benefit from this addon.

Let’s assume you want to add a new ability to power auras. Let’s say you are a priest and you want to add penance. How do you do this?

Type /powa 1. In the character effects click new.
2. Set activation to “action usable”
3. Type in Penance, or in your case whatever skill you are interested in seeing
4. You can choose to display it as an aura or you can check “use own texture”.
5. Close/reopen to see it properly
6. Press test to display it
7. Take out the Glow effect if you wish
8. Change the size, Opacity and location
9. You can choose to display it only in combat.
10. Change the way it animates in and out, or while it is active. I prefer to end them with zoom out.
11. Test it out.

Also if you are forgetting to rebuff… Set: activate by buff, show when not active, type in the name of the buff. And, since I’m using inner fire, I’m going to place stacks >1 . I reset it and then I set the size, opacity and location. Now, whenever my inner Fire Fades I will have a warning.

And was the basic setup for abilities that come off cooldown or for buffs. But what if you wish to see when a skill procs? Like slam for warriors or The art of war for retris? Well it’s not that complicated, when bloodsurge procs you get a buff called “Slam!”. I just set activation by buff and the name of the buff is “Slam!”. Similarly for retris the name of the buff is The Art of War. The aura will pop when the art of war procs, and it will be up to you whether or not to use it for exorcism or for an instant heal. Enhancement shamans can display Maelstrom Weapon on 5 stacks. As you can see, many classes can make use of this proc feature.

Of course, that isn’t all there is to this addon, you can choose from a couple of custom textures, and, most importantly, as you can see, you can select from a range of useful activations.

You can set a warning for yourself for when your hp gets too low. If you want the same warning for all your chars select Global Effects. New , Choose color, opacity, activate by Health.

You can set auras depending on your rage/energy/runic level. I’ve setup an additional rage bar for my warrior using 4 different auras positioned close to eachother. That just proves how versatile this addon really is.

Also you might wanna use for pvp is the spell alert feature. Do you wish to know when the enemy druid is casting Cyclone, or when the mage is about to Polymorph? Type in the name of the spell and add it up for your target or, even better, for your focus target. Yes, true, there are many spell alerter’s out there. I think I’ve tried most of them. I do like this one and Ghospulse the best, because they are highly configurable, allowing you to add specific spells for specific targets. In pvp you have to pay attention and quickly react to a lot of things, configuring addons to alert you just for the more important spells helps.

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