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DBM, Recount, X-Perl, Pitbull and more


Deadly Boss Mods is a much praised addon, among many other things, it shows raid warnings on your screen that relate to various boss abilities. You can choose to move the position of these warnings from /dbm -> raid Warnings tab -> “move me” option.

Also you will notice the timer bars that show when the next boss ability is about to hit. These bars can be rescaled and repositioned from the Bar Style tab- > Move me. DBM also has a range check option.

One clear example of the usefulness of DBM is in the Emalon encounter, where there is no default default blizz warning 5 seconds Before an overcharge. There is one only when the overcharge actually occurs...which is too late. DBM counters this and shows a timer on the overcharge. Melees can notice the time bar and start moving 5 seconds before the overcharge is cast. Thus DBM is invaluable in that encounter.

In some ways I don’t think is right to let your reactions depend on text and bar warnings. Text and bars do make you life easier in some ways, I have to admit, but they also take some of the fun away. Simply, if you see yourself standing in fire, move out. Watch the boss casting the spells and learn to recognize them and act accordingly. Reading text warnings all day is like doing a browser based raid. Thus, you might want to configure DBM so as to reduce that text feeling, at least a little bit.

Moving on… Omen Threat Meter does exactly what the name suggests. It shows how much threat you got on your target compared to the tank and other players. Most likely, the higher you are on the dps meter, the higher you are on the threat meter. Keep an eye on Omen in the first moments of a battle when tanks are struggling to hold threat. Also, monitor Omen in fights in which you as a dps may suddenly gain a damage increase buff, like on the Twin Val’kyr or on Vexas. In the rest of the fights you don’t need to worry about Omen too much

Recount is also a well known addon, it can show, for almost any fight, damage done, dps, healing done and so on. It is mostly used as a comparison tool among raiders. But be aware that the numbers aren’t showing the entire story. In raids or even in arenas Recount can show how much damage each of your abilities did, thus it can help you spec and glyph accordingly.

Sometimes disregarded, the “Deaths” feature can be useful in determining what happened in the final moments before a wipe. What went wrong? Was the tank not healed enough or did he take too much damage? What killed that certain dps? Recount lets you know what killed the raid so that you will know to do better job on your next attempt.

Next up, Atlasloot Enhanced. Tired of alt-tabbing to check out what loot the next boss might drop? Then open up Atlasloot, select the instance you are interested in and see the drops.

Now let’s check out X-perl and Pitbull Although they are unit frames addons and thus they are not so specific to raiding I’ve chosen to include them in the raiding addons section because they are especially useful for raid healers. This is x-perl that you see right now.

You can see the health bars on the left hand side of my screen. You can reposition the bars by just dragging them around. To better notice a health drop, you might wanna set the raid frame scale to a higher value ,take out the mana bar and you could also go to the global tab and enable “Fat health bars”.

You will also be able to see the debuffs associated to each raid member, usually, someone with a debuff is also taking damage. And if there is anything you can dispel the frame will turn purple. You can check out how many healers are healing the same target as you .

You can set up a fade range for the bars, so that you won’t waste time trying to heal someone that is not in range.Another useful feature is the aggro warning, the raid member who has aggro will have a red rectangle around him. This is useful when tanks switch aggro.

Pitbull behaves similarly to X-perl. Only that is has about a million more configuration options. Some players might like this, some might find the complexity of it all not worth it. I’m just going to explain a couple of the more basic options.

So, 1st of, your frame , your target’s frame and your target’s target frame. You can drag to move these around. You can change their aspect from units, select the unit you want to change, let’s say target, and change it’s height for example.

From the layout editor, indicators , portrait, you can check enable to see your portrait. From bars, health bars you can change the textures of your health bars.

Then to modify the way your raid frames look… you must 1st make them show up. Go to Groups-> General -> Select raid. Then Go to filtering and select 10 man, 15 man, 25 man. You will notice they are all vertical now. Go to units per column and set it to a more reasonable number. Change the spacing to compact them a little bit.

Now you can see I have the raid frames but I have a whole lot of useless information on them. I’m not interested in seeing the cast bars or their mana bars or their buffs. To take those out I need t go to the layout editor, make a new layout, and I’m going to call it myRaid. And then from the groups I put the raid group into myRaid. Now all modifications I do to myRaid will not affect my frame or my target frame. So now I can safely go to the layout editor, select myRaid, and do modifications to my raid. If I select normal I will be able to do modifications to my character’s frame and to my target’s frame.

So I set it to my raid and take out the power bar from the Raid frames while still keeping mine. Same goes for the cast bar and for the auras, aka buffs.

Many… many options to play around with. Don’t try them all at once, just do the basics 1st then, as you play , you will start to want to see this or that in a different way. Take them one step at a time until you become happy with your interface.

Finally: Some other useful addons that you might want to check out: PallyPower, it helps with buff assignments for paladins, can be used by paladins or raid leaders. Decursive for dispelling, Healbot Continued, another unit frames addon and EPGP Lootmaster for distributing loot .

Beginner's Guide


Hello, and welcome to the addons beginner’s guide from This guide is intended for players who are relatively new to addons. With so many addons around, finding the right ones, the addons that actually help you and improve your gaming experience may prove a bit difficult. This guide will show how to install and addon, and will present the most useful addons for a beginner: QuestHelper and Cartographer.

There are many sites such as, or from where you can choose to download addons.

I recommend using the curse client because it makes downloading and updating addons easier and faster. To update an addon all you have to do is simply select the addon , and then click update. To download a new addon, you need to go to, then click install via curse client.

Let’s assume you would want to download QuestHelper. QuestHelper tells you where you need to go and what you need to do for every quest that you take. Go to and type in Questhelper. You can now download it or install it via the curse client. I recommend using the curse client as it makes updating and managing your addons a lot easier. If you don’t want to bother with the curse client you can manually download and install QuestHelper.
Save it anywhere on your computer.
Go to that folder and unrar it.

If you copy the entire unrar-ed version is not going work. What you want to copy is the folder that is inside the unrar-ed version. Copy that and than navigate to your wow folder\Interface\AddOns and paste it there.

Login, select addons, check the addon that you wish to use. A good practice when getting a new addon, especially if that addon is class related, is to 1st disable it for all your chars, and then to enable it just for required chars.

Then, inside the game, different addons have different ways of getting configured, most of them can be configured from interface-> addons. Those that you can’t find there will usually have some sort of “slash” command to bring up the configuring interface. To find out the command you need to check the addon readme or the addon description on the website from where you downloaded it.

Addons are useful as they can improve your gaming experience and performance quite a bit. But some, on the other hand, simply duplicate what blizz is already providing you with.

Try to find addons that actually help you, that provide visual or audio aids to what you need but try to avoid getting too many addons clogging up your screen. Try to avoid a sensory overload due to addons, keep only what you need from them configure them so as to eliminate what you don’t want or what they are duplicating.

Let’s take a closer look at QuestHelper. QuestHelper is priceless when it comes to leveling a char and every new player should have this addon.

When you take a quest, QuestHelper will show on your map and on your minimap where you need to go to kill mobs. Once there you will also see on your tooltip when selecting mob how many items you still need to get. Upon returning the quest, you will see the location of the required npc. QuestHelper dramatically increases your leveling speed and it basically does what paid leveling software does, but for free.

Questhelper is easy to use and doesn’t really need any additional configuring. At lvl 80 QuestHelper can still be useful when doing dailies.

Another addon useful for leveling is Cartographer. Cartographer reveals all the unexplored areas of the map. Also, when hovering over a zone, it will show the level range of that zone and the instances present there. This feature is very useful for when leveling you should do quests in the same level range as you. You can use Cartographer to check which areas have the level ranges that are best suited for you.

Cartographer also enables you to see your character’s coordinates as well as the coordinates of the area you mouse over. This is useful for when searching for a certain npc that Questhelper can’t find. You search the npc on Google, find his cords, and then you go to those coords ingame.

This has been a guide from For comments or questions you can check our forums. Thanks for watching.

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