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Al’akir, beautiful air type encounter, split into 3 phases.

Phase 1 is one is fairly challenging. Biggest killer in this phase is the chain lightning, well at least until you learn how to position yourself.  Chain lightning has a very wide area of effect and you need to stay properly spread out to minimize damage. This is a spade. Notice the spades on the floor. We found that these are ideally placed so that you can use them as marks for positioning. The idea here is that instead of having the entire raid spread out evenly, risking lots of chains, you group ppl in groups of 3 or 4, standing in a line, which will definitely chain each other, but that chain will not go over to other groups. And so you get chain damage, but you get sustainable and healable chain damage.

In 10 man, send a person to each mark. With healers evenly balanced around the field. Or you can have 2 persons on each mark and cover only half the field so that healers can reach more ppl.

There are 8 marks on the floor. So you should have 8 tight groups. We went with  8 healers for this fight. Yah that’s right 8 healers style. To position yourself  If you’re a healer go to a mark. If you are a melee go to a mark and if there is another melee already there go to another free mark. If you are ranged go to a mark where there is no other ranged. You should end up with groups of 3 made of one healer one melee and one ranged.

It should look a bit like this on your map. Anyways positioning solved, low lightning damage, moving on to tornados, you would expect them go more random like, left right, up down.. But these are trained soldier tornados, they went to military school and now they have discipline and they go at the same speed and in a line, leaving you with one free open spot that you can sneak through.

Watch  the tornados coming from left or right. Get into your position with plenty of time to spare, especially if there is icing in the area. As the tornados are getting closer and closer look from above your character to fine tune your position between them.

To make matters even more challenging, Al’akir will do windburst. You can see the cast if you are a dps, or you can have him on focus as healer. Windburst sends you flying back. If you are not close enough to him on windburst you get sent off the platform. Ranged needs to get close to him fro windburst. And then move back out because you get interrupted if you stay in melee.  It’s not that great damage if you get sent off the platform, is better to get sent off than to eat a tornado.

Phase 2 and it’s adds time. Each time you kill one you get a stacking debuff on Al’akir that increases his damage taken by 10%. The point in this phase is to kill the adds one by one and keep on stacking the debuff on Al’akir. Synchronization is fairly difficult here as the adds spawn every 20 seconds and the debuff lasts 20 seconds. The adds do area of effect damage and they should be tanked away from the rest of the group.

Ranged job is to dps each add that spawns. Get it to 20% hp then switch to any new add that is up or to boss. Then you have to have a caller, who has the hardest and most important job of them all. Your caller doesn’t really need to dps the adds but he needs to be aware of their hp, and of the debuff on the boss. He calls out when to finish of an add. When he calls it all ranged switch, add gets taken down before the debuff ends.

Is good not to kill the 1st couple of adds, just get them low, so that you have a margin of error on the debuff later on. Bloodlust when you get 6-7 stacks. The green debuff on your right means you take extra periodic damage. More stacks more damage. Get him down to 25% before the debuff damage becomes unhealable.  Usually if you don’t drop the stacks on the boss you will be able to make it.

Phase 3, 25% and you are flying.

Main killers in this phase are the clouds. They spawn on a player. The platform  becomes gray bluish stormy. Seconds after, lightning covers the cloud and any player caught dies.

As the phase begins have your raid quickly move to the top or to the bottom of Al’akir. Doesn’t matter which one. We went to the top. The raid is spread out at around same level. When clouds spawn on a player, everybody moves down. And then the process repeats itself fairly fast. Move back in each time the wind burst send out. Main goal is to kill him before you are left with no place to go.

Stay out of the raid, but in healer range when you get lightning rod.


+2 #20 mastergamer 2011-08-25 00:07
:D really funny when you say the tornatos are trained soildiers ROFL that made me laugh :D
0 #19 teton 2011-05-25 16:22
i do wanna say ty to u
0 #18 miillo 2011-05-15 17:42
:D :-) can u make hc tacs for it that could just be the best ever :oops:
0 #17 Propalica 2011-04-22 14:09
gj man .... keep it like this :)
+1 #16 Voodoo 2011-04-05 14:03
thanks a million I've been watching your guides since Wrath of the lich king on the old webiste learn2playwow .
0 #15 Vodkaredbull 2011-03-29 18:36
Nice guide. Thank you bro.
+2 #14 Eva 2011-03-20 03:13
I find the tankspot videos unwatchable now since Ciderhelm stopped doing them himself. Your videos are one step up because of the editing and diagrams. Without your videos I would be a dumbass at raid time. Thank you so much ^.^
0 #13 pwewer 2011-03-17 16:47
You can subscribe his youtube channel ;P
0 #12 Eolin 2011-03-10 07:00
Another great, helpful guide... Thanks! All the girls in my guild love your voice :)
0 #11 Mark 2011-03-06 07:38
You have a better command of the English language than many native English speakers.

Well done. Love your videos.

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