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L2PW                               Normal                                     TGN

Hello this is the Warmaster Blackhorn guide and it’s time to fight on a gunship.

A gunship or the flying ship, whatever you want to call it has a given amount of hp. Your goal is to go through a couple of adds while protecting the ship. The ship takes damage from the shadowy type projectiles, going to call them void zones. If you stand on a void zone then when a projectile will land you will split the damage with the ship and thus protect it to some extent. It’s best to start spread around the ship and take whatever voidzones are close to you. A big void zone does basically the same thing just on a larger scale. When we got a big voidzone we found it best to just ignore the little ones and stack on it with a raid wall. You don’t want ppl split between the small ones and the large ones because everybody takes damage at the same time and that’s no good.

Remember your goal is to have the ship resist through 3 sets of adds. Your goal is not to end the encounter with the ship at full hp. Some ppl. get overzealous about taking all the void zones. Don’t run to them if your hp is low.

The melees adds, Dreadblades and Slayers, Each tank should pick up one. And then on the next set they should switch between them. Mark one of them to kill 1st. Both melee adds cleave. It’s best to always keep them facing away from your raid, especially if bringing them on the large void zones. They also do a charge attack, not so easy to spot, move out of the way if you see it.

The dragon type adds, the drakes, fly around the ship attacking it, they are responsible for the small void zones, they don’t have a terrible amount. Npcs will periodically harpoon them and bring them closer to the ship. Ranged should switch to them when they are close. There isn’t much efficiency in having melees switching as well. However the drakes can be attacked by the melees when they got harpooned in really close.

Finally the most important adds are the sappers, smallish in nature, they are the kamikaze bombers of the fight. The sappers have very little hp and carry a deadly payload. They get parachuted at the front of the ship. They vanish for a second then appear around the middle, they are trying to make their way inside the ship, should they succeed and detonate they will cause 20% damage to the ship. It is imperative that you slow stun and don’t let any of them pass by.

Once you successfully battled 3 sets of adds phase 2 begins and you fight against Goriona and Blackhorn. Ranged should dps Goriona until she leaves the encounter. Stay out of the void zones this time.

Blackhorn has a really powerful damaging cone attack that stuns at the same time. This Cone attack, called Shockwave was responsible for most of our deaths in the encounter as it is a real challenge for the ranged and healers. That’s why I’m going to focus on it a little bit. I like it that finally we have a fight where ranged and healer surviving skills are tested. Being closer to Blackhorn makes it easier to avoid the Shockwave of course but there is another ability , Disrupting Roar, that silences players closer then 10 yards. It is imperative that ranged and healers walk this fine line and stay at around 11 yards, not too far to get caught by shockwave, not to close to get silenced.

There is yet another way of surviving shockwave. Watch the timer for it, it’s on a timer, move in before the cast to more easily dodge it.

Finally Blackhorn hits for more and more damage per each percent of hp that he looses. He starts hitting the tanks like a boss. Blood lust at 40%, start using raid walls and cooldowns on your tanks and he will go down.

Tanks should switch on the Devastate Debuff, the one that doesn’t have it taunts.


Hello this is the Blackhorn heroic guide from This guide assumes you know the encounter, have tried it on heroic and you’re just looking for a way to defeat the damn thing.

Blackhorn is quite a ramp up in difficulty from the previous bosses, we spent 3 weeks on him, for around 3 hours of tries each week. While we failed countless times in p1 , the 3rd time we reached p2 we also got the kill. That’s why i will focus more on tactics for phase1. We faced the same problems many other guilds have, one of which is having too many melees. This is one of the most ranged biased fights ever, i didn’t want to believe it at 1st, and we tried with 4 and 3 melees and that was a fail. Ranged are simply much better for absorbing barrages.

Eventually we had our retribution go on his badly geared alt mage. Changing even a single char like this will hurt your dps. How do you know you still got what it takes? Condition 1: each time the dragons land on either sides of the ship they must die before lifting up again. Condition 2: the melee ads should be going down as the new set appears.

The wining formula for us was 2 healers, 2 tanks, 2 melee dps, 4 ranged dps. And even like this it’s not enough you need good tactics. We split the ship into 4 areas. Zone 1,2 and 3 had ranged and healers. Zone 4 had to be handled by tanks and melees. Zone 1 has to have 1 ranged one healer, zone 2 has to have 2 ranged. Why? Because the 3 ranged on this side will be able to kill the dragon before if flies up. On other side just the same except you got 2 melees from zone 4 and the ranged from zone 3 going for the dragon.

One other tricky part of the fight is the Onslaught. Just for kicks Blizz decided to have the Onslaught , a barrage, the al’kaida suicide bomber and the dragons at the same time. Sort out raid wall use, at least for the 1st 3, after that whatever comes of cooddown is good. Ranged go for the suicide bomber then for dragons. Melee dps go for the melee adds. Do not, do not try to be a hero and take the barage that is at the same time with Onslaught , we tried that, we tried having the tanks go for it , the melees, the ranged it’s fail in the long run because it’s 80k damage from barage followed by 100k from Onslaught. Just let the ship burn, it doens’t have to be perfect, as long as you reach phase 2 with 1% or more left on the ship you are fine.

Phase 2 starts when all the dragons are dead, to enter smoothly into phase 2 we changed our kill order for the last sets of adds, we killed dragon from tank side, we killed the 2 melee adds, and then we killed the last dragon.

Phase 2, dps Goriona. Ranged have to stay at optimal distance from Blackhorn. The shockwave is a killerand it’s hard to see under the big dragon. Stay in one group and go for lots of aoe heals. At 50% start using a raid wall for each disrupting roar. Stay focused and make sure each raider knows what to do and you will have the kill.

That’s it, thanks for watching, check out for more strategy videos, pandaria previews and other useful stuff. Good luck and have fun.

Blackhorn Heroic (L2Pwow)                                                            Blackhorn Heroic (L2R)

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