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The Chimaeron fight is designed to test out your healers. This is for me one of the more relaxing fights, for the healers, not so much.

Free the gnome prisoner and then have your tank engage the boss. The gnome gives raiders a buff that doesn’t let them die from damage if they are over 10k hp when they take that damage  If the are over 10k and they take a hit that would normally kill them, they go to 1 hp. So the main process in this fight is: everybody is over 10k, boss does Massacre, everybody goes to 1hp. Healers bring everybody up over 10k as fast as they can.  And then on the Massacre everybody goes back to 1.

If a player is below 10k before Massacre he dies.  There is no point in healing over 10k during this stage. It’s best just to conserve mana. It’s not just necessarily only the Masscre that kills ppl, there is also the Caustic Slime, which acts like a smaller scale Masscre. It’s 200k worth of damage on a single target, which can be split to multiple targets if they are within 6 yards. So the goal is not only to get everybody over 10k before the next Massacre, but also before the next Caustic Slime. We had 7 healers, 2 for tanks and then one for each group. For 10 man 3 healers should be enough.

Caustic slime does split damage, so stay 6 yards spread out. Boss hit box is fairly large so melees should stand in a zig-zag pattern to avoid shared damage.

Healers and ranged are standing 6 yards spread out but mostly towards the front of the boss. This is a holy paladin pov. They are standing close the front of the boss because of feud. During feud everybody gets grouped up on top of tank, this is so that aoe heals are more effective but more importantly to split damage.

Massive damage taken during this stage, and you don’t have that 10k buff to protect you anymore. This is when healers need to go all out, this is when even the dps needs to go defensive. Any dps has some sort of defensive or healing abilities. Use them, forget about that dps meter and just use your defensive or healing abilities.

Most wipes will occur during this stage. So one thing you can do is be ok, 1st feud our objective is to survive that one, everybody use their cooldowns, healers, dps everybody. And then everybody uses them and yey you survived the 1st feud, everybody is happy, is good for morale.  You then die on the 2nd feud.  So then you go, hey, you 4 healers use cooldowns on the 1st one, you 3 on the 2nd one and from there on out which ever has free cooldown use.

You should have your entire raid alive before feud. More alive, more split damage, more chances of success. Just a couple dead and it becomes a downwards spiral, with one dying after the other. If you manage your cooldowns properly and you have your raid alive before feud, you should be able to make it through.

Everybody needs to be over 10k except the tank that needs to be topped off. To make this more difficult, the tank  receives a debuff called break that increases his damage taken and that stacks. Have 2 tanks, each taunting off the other when their own debuff is off.  Main tank should start using cooldowns as he reaches 3 stacks or when Chimaeron does his double attack. Another option is to have the offtank taunt only on double attack.

Once the boss reaches 20% dps race begins. You get a 99% heal reduction so basically no more healing during this last stage and you just have to get him down before he kills you all of one by one.  He starts with his tanks as they are highest on his agro table, and then he makes his way down one by one. Best thing to do is to call out who’s next on the agro list because that is his death list, and he starts from the top. Player next on the list should run furthest away from boss so you gain some time. Even healers can and should dps, paladins can use righteous fury so they get picked up on threat before a dps.

Overall an interesting encounter and a good test for your healers, as well as a check for  how well your dps can use their defensive and healing capabilities.


0 #16 Annoying 2011-09-05 22:12
I wish there was no other guides for raids out there than, then my guild would have used this epic guide instead of some other crap
0 #15 sadface 2011-09-05 12:09
relly cool m8 :D
0 #14 mastergamer 2011-08-25 01:16
AWSOME fight i love how you end up as the last person who has the boss on them before the boss is killed you get soo lucky your not the ones who die first :roll:
0 #13 bob 2011-06-09 01:33
you have mail lol
0 #12 Klafnorc 2011-06-04 12:21
nice video make some more :)
+1 #11 Facano SWC 2011-03-15 20:42
Nice video. You help me everytime! :lol:
0 #10 Davey 2011-03-06 11:55
Great video thank you! very helpfull!
0 #9 Supervacca 2011-03-03 09:52
Hi mister :)
Watched & listening to your voice starting from ICC. Good to know that you all are back with love2playwow!

Your voice is really relaxing!
- a healer.
+2 #8 Farmík 2011-02-11 11:19
Really nice guides! All our guild members have to watch your video before progressing new boss, 'cause of your nice voice and definitely the most understandableness guide!
+3 #7 yap 2011-01-29 23:19
very good video!! thanks :)

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