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Fury pve

Fury pvp

Quick short guide for playing fury, mostly designed for pve but the rotations and stats priorities can also be applied in pvp. This is valid as of patch 4.0.6.and above. The way some skills scale might change with future patches but the principles should remain the same.

Skill priority: you want to use Colossus Smash every time it is off cooldown, you take the enemy armor down you do more damage with the rest of your abilities.

Bloodthirst is 2nd highest on priority. Raging blow is 3rd. When looking at RB vs BT. RB is superior as damage per point of rage is concerned. With the same amount of rage you will do more damage with RB then with BT.  But why you might ask me.  How can the ability that does the most damage per point of resource be weaker one?

It’s because of the short cooldown of BT. BT has only 3 seconds cooldown. Suppose both RB and BT come of cooldown at exactly the same time.

Using RB before BT would delay BT by 1.5 seconds, doesn’t seem like much but that is 50% of it’s total cooldown. Resulting in a signigicant dps decrease each time. On the other hand if you would delay RB by 1.5 seconds out of a 6 seconds cooldown a dps loss would still be there, but less powerful.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to delay the use of any ability overall. What you should be aiming to master is to have every global cooldown covered, always hitting with something. And this is how a rotation is created that revolves around using bloodthirst and then whatever other ability you have off cooldown. Use BT then RB , Use BT again then the instant slam. BT and battle shout, BT and Colosus Smash as it comes off cooldown.

I have an addon called watcher that I use to see the cooldown of my abilities. Any class can use this addon and put their abilities in a priority order as they see fit.Power auras displays Colossus Smash whenever it’s off cooldown to the left.

I use Icehud to display my rage bar close to my abilities, so whenever my rage spikes over 60 I use Heroic Strike.

Heroic Strike is a rage dump ability, it has the lowest damage per point of rage, use it only to get rid of extra rage and transform that extra rage into extra dps. During  bloodlust/heroism, when I get lots of extra rage, I also like to activate inner rage to be able to use heroic strike more often and not loose out on any rage, but I’m always weary, especially in the begging of a fight, not to steal agro from a tank.

I use berserker rage whenever it’s of cooldown and I am not enraged. It is especially useful because it allows you to use Raging Blow more often. You will notice I have it located fairly close to my rage bar so I can spot it easily when it is off cooldown.


When it comes to AOE start using cleave instead of heroic strike. It’s also a good idea to activate Inner Rage to be able to spam cleave more. Use Whirlwind on 3 or more targets.

Under 20% simply spam execute.

As far as stats are concerned, strength is your most important one. You wanna gem strength as much as you can, then gem str+ hit or strength + crit depending on the socket.  You should be hit and expertise capped from your gear. I have about 7% hit now. Anything from 5% to 10% is good and should provide adequate rage generation. What’s important to do is to reforge any extra hit, expertise or haste into crit and mastery.

Crit is important because it activates flurry, mastery improves raging blow. If the priority changes with the patches I will write it here.

Playing fury in pvp is very similar to playing it on pve. The more you are on him, the more you can do your dps rotation. Most important thing is that you let your healer know when you activate your Death Wish and Recklessness and you are going for a kill so that he can keep you unrooted and dispelled and you can get that kill.

Below this video you will find links to what I find to be the best talent specs and glyphs for fury.