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Conclave of Wind

Heroic from Tankspot

I will explain the main concept of the fight, so that you understand what you need to do to complete this encounter. But I will also leave out some less important abilities, so that you will get the chance to discover them by yourself.

You have to fight against 3 bosses at the same time, each on a different platform, you fly from platform to platform and your objective is to get them down within a minute of eachother.  As you enter the instance, you will have Nature Anshal to your left. I will add their type of abilities to their names so that they are easier to identify .Anshal is nature, because he likes to spawn plants and heal and pacify you and all of that green nature stuff.

Then to your right as you enter, you’ve got Air Rohash. And I call him Air, because he does air based abilities, like tornados, Gales, Huriccanes.

In between Nature Anshal and Air Rohash you’ve got Frosty Nezir. Which yes, does frost based abilities.

You have to keep at least one person on each platform during this fight. Start of by having your melees a tank and some healers on the Nature boss. This group dpses Anshal, and they also quickly take care of the adds that spawn.

On the Air Platform, you got Rohash. Start of with your ranged and a healer or two on this platform. Rohash is for ranged. Rohash is the only one that doesn’t need a tank.

During this time, on the frost platform, have just 1 tank keeping Nezir busy, and 1 healer keeping that tank alive.

So to clarify, start with melees are on Nature, Ranged on Air and lonely tank and healer on Frost.

During the fight, the power bar of each boss increases. They all increase at the same time. Before it reaches 90, Nature Group , and the Air group, they all jump to Nezir. As the energy reaches 90 you cannot jump anymore and the ultimate abilities accour. Anshal heals, Rohash does Hurricane, and Nezir…Nezir does a massive blizzard that does split damage among everyone on the platform.  It’s good to keep most of your raid on Nezir during the ultimate abilities because this way your raid gets the least amount of damage taken.

Once the ultimate abilities finish, melees jump back to their Anshal platform, ranged jump back to their Rohash platform, the energy bars start to grow once more and the process begins again.  After 2 ultimates, Anshal and Rohash should be going down roughly at the same time. Players that finished of their boss jump to Nezir, and in the end you should have all your raid on the Nezir platform finishing him off.

This was what most of your dps raiders need to know. But know for tanks and healers special assignments. 5 ppl have to behave slightly differently in this fight, 3 healers and 2 tanks.  Someone must be left behind on each platform so leave that is one healer  there that should stay on Rohash

Then you have Nezir and Anshal. Nezir puts a debuff that keeps on stacking and doing more and more damage the more you stay on his platform. So you can’t have the same pair of  tank and healer on Nezir during the entire fight because they will stack up that frost debuff till they will die.

The solution is to have Nezir tank and healer periodically switch with Anshal tank and healer. Switching too often can create confusion so it’s best to do the switch at 80-90 energy, just before the ultimates. When everyone else is jumping anyways. Notice how the tank pulls Anshal to the edge, this helps melee dps but the main reason he is dong this is because he is getting ready to jump with the rest of us. On the other side, Nezir tank is doing the same thing. The jump occurs, for a second or 2 the bosses might agro  a non tank. The tanks land and pick up their bosses.

The ultimate occurs. After the ultimate everyone jumps back to their initial position, except for the tank and healer pair. They stay on their bosses they don’t need to jump back again because not enough debuff stacks have gathered on the Nezir tank. So they only jump with the rest of the group before the ultimate abilities.


0 #15 mastergamer 2011-08-24 23:58
dude love it :D i like all of these vids and everything about it
0 #14 Huntaer 2011-08-01 21:18

the explaination on are so much clearer than the other websites i tried.
Keep up the good work, and hope to see a lot more of you !!
+1 #13 Kin 2011-07-20 04:44
I use to watch Tankspot ..till I discovered you! You have a way of explaining things that makes it easier and less stressful to learn. Thank you for all your hard work. So many of us appreciate it. :-)
0 #12 Bakuratje-Azuremyst 2011-07-01 15:45
I really like your vids!
please go on in the future :) I often use them
-2 #11 Rob 2011-05-25 20:42
Need to create more heroic vids the tank spot ones don't cover anything good and his voice annoys me
+2 #10 jeggers 2011-04-30 12:31
thx for the great vidz mate, these helped our casual friendly guild getting into raiding
+2 #9 mr.Learningalot. 2011-03-28 19:19
This helping me and my guild alot :D thanks ;D :lol:
+2 #8 Kkoxx 2011-03-16 08:34
Your videos are the best dude ! Keep the good work up ! GJ
+2 #7 wow player 2011-03-10 17:29
Man since Wotlk u helped pple alot and i thnk u fr would be a serious problem fr most pple i believe if u stoped makeing videos:P (AWESOME JOB!!!) :-)
+2 #6 Epic guides 2011-02-21 22:51
This was so helpful! I would have had so much problems do this fight if i didn't watch your guide ^^

And thanks for all ICC guides, you really helped our guild :roll:

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