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Atramedes is blind, yah that’s right, a blind dragon. That’s why all his abilities are based on sound. Kinda like a bat or a submarine, he uses sonar to lock on to you. Well I guess he could feel the little ants chipping away at his leg, but he likes to use sound.  You get this new custum ui feature, a circle. The more filled up with blue it is, the more sound you got. When it is completely filled up, you are at max sound so Atramedes knows where you are and he one shots you.

Your goal is to mainly avoid getting sound while dpsing Atramedes. One of his main abilities that causes you to gain sound is Sonar Pulse. These are 4 the discs that spawn on him and move outwards. Best way to avoid these is to stay spread out all around the dragon, and not just on one side. We had the melees in the back, with ranged and healers on either side, this way you reduce the chances of having 2 or 3 discs headed out to the same area. He has a large hit box, melees stay at around max range, avoiding the discs should not be a major issue. Ranged, be aware that the discs grow in size as they move outward, stay at medium range, start strafing as soon as you determine that the discs are moving your way.

No matter how well they avoid the discs, raiders will still get more and more sound from the dragon’s other abilities. You need to reset your sound in times of crysis. That’s where the gongs on the side of the room come in. You click on them to use them, you have 10 total available, and they also represent a soft enrage timer. So you have to use those gongs, as in Dwarven Shields,  at key points during this fight.

One key point is during the cast of Searing Flame. You absolutely need to interrupt this one. Have a reliable, ranged member watching the timer for Searing Flame. Once that is up and the channeled cast begins, your designated member hits a shield and interrupts it. It’s a channeled cast that does more and more damage, the faster you interrupt it the better. Here for example it was interrupted just as it started and we have 8 shields left.

2nd key point for use of shields is during the air phase. A beam of fire moves faster and faster while tracking down a raid member. The goal here is to avoid the fire beam during the flight phase. Targeted player runs in a circle on the edge of the room using any movement increasing abilities that he has. When he almost gets caught, he uses a shield. This resets the speed on the fire beam, and allows some time to pass by. Fire beam than starts tracking him again, targeted player survives with the help of a healer, long enough for the ground phase to begin again.

Convention is that the player targeted by the beam uses the shield. But also a good strategy is to have someone else, a rogue or a feral, ready and on standby to use the shield and save the targeted player that can’t reach a shield in time. The beam than tracks the person that last used the shield, which should be dashing druid or a rogue. What you don’t want is to go like , save him, use a shield, and then 2 persons use shields at the same time.

There are 10 shields at your disposal and if you mainly use them for interrupting Searing Flame and for beam resetting, and  you should still have a couple left to spare. You don’t wanna end up half way though the fight,  half of raid dead but yey 6 shields left to spare. Don’t be afraid to use 2 shield per ground phase during the 1st 2 ground phases.

That was it about the shields. Next the dragon breath. It targets a player and then seconds after it does damage in a cone. The targeted player runs in a circular motion with the breath behind him. That why I said ranged, medium distance, discs are avoidable  and at the same time you can also dodge the breath by running in front of it, together with the targeted player.


Heroic from Availed


Maloriak has 2 casts. One is arcane Storm, this one looks like a storm, does damage and needs to be interrupted. Have someone assigned to interrupting specifically this spell and nothing else. No one else should try to interrupt this spell because immediately after the storm, Maloriak casts Release Aberations, which is another spell, that needs to be interrupted, but only at specific times, not every time, so make sure nobody interrupts Release Aberations by reflex or anything like that until it is called for.

What is Release Aberations? It’s a cast that summons 3 adds. Each time he casts it, 3 more adds appear. After 3 waves of adds , that means on the 4th cast, that’s the one you wanna interrupt. And that sends you into green phase, which is basically adds killing phase, the adds are now vulnerable, the two offtanks,  group up the adds in the middle where you aoe them down. The adds have a buff that makes them stronger in a group, offtanks only bring them together during green phase when that buff starts working against them.

During the fight you should go through 3 casts then interrupt, then 3 more casts and then another interrupt.

Stay grouped up in a line during most of the fight as Maloriak does a cone split damage fire breath attack.   Other than that, 2 debuffs that will make you wanna stay away from everyone else. Consuming Flames, go to a side or behind the boss cus it’s not good to eat fire breath damage when you have something like Consuming Flames on you.

2nd debuff , Flash Freeze, just stay away from everyone else.

Spell steal or purge his healing buff.

After the 2nd green phase use bloodlust heroism and go for boss as he starts to enrage and hit for more. Offtank the 2 new adds. Execute him.


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