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Top 5 Controversial Games of 2010, and after seeing this vid, i love2playwow even more

Valiona and Theralion

Heroic from Tankspot

You will fight against Valiona 1st. Valiona puts a debuff on a raid member, called Blackout. This is one of Valiona’s most important mechanics. The player with the debuff, that you see marked as skull, he comes to the back of the dragon where also everyone else gathers up. The debuff is dispelled, and the damage that would otherwise kill the marked player is split among everyone else.  You don’t need to stack right on top of the player to get split damage, if you are in less then 8 yard radius that should do. The reason I’m saying this is because during Valiona’s fighting time, blue meteors that do splash damage, fall on random ppl.

So you wanna gather up quickly for dispel of Blackout, then you wanna move out and spread out just as fast to minimize raid damage.

You also have to be mindful of Valiona’s dragon breath. Now this is a proper dragon breath. It’s not the ordinary puny cone attack. It’s massive, it engulfs half of the room in flames. For melees, to avoid it, it’s easy, just stay behind or to the side of the dragon when it casts this. For ranged and healers, it’s a bit more complicated.

At the point in which someone in your half of the room was targeted you have two options, based on your location.  A, go forward, straight through the breath, to the safe zone, maybe take a bit of damage. Or B, run backwards, towards the wall, also take a bit of damage, but not enough to kill you as damage from the flames gets reduced the furthest you are from the dragon.

What you don’t want to do is be at medium distance, and still think that you can make it through the dragon. It would be just like swimming upstream of napalm.

When Theralion is down, the same thing with being grouped up for split damage accours, only that no dispel is needed this time. The player with the arrow on his head is the one that is targeted. For melees, simple, keep grouped up behind the dragon.  No tail swipes on these dragons. So no worries about that.

For ranged and healers, it’s a bit harder, they stay spread out and whichever of them gets targeted by the arrow of doom, comes to the melees to split the damage. So it’s similar mechanic to what you saw on Valiona, except there is no dispel needed.

Ranged are staying spread out because of the arcane explosion debuff that they can get. When they get it, they do massive damage to all the other players around them. Move away from everyone else when you get this debuff. While you have the debuff on, you will do extra damage or healing.

Ok so that was fighting against Valiona and then fighting  Theralion. Now let’s look at the transitions between the two.The 1st transition is from Valiona to big issue here, you have to look for the vortexes on the floor and stay out of them.

Alternative: (Transitioning from Theralion to Valiona, your 2nd transition, is a bit harder to properly manage. Valiona does 3 massive breath attacks. It’s basically like a B52 bomber throwing napalm in a line. So you have to avoid that line of fire. . And I’m going to insist on this a little bit because this is a cause for wipes. You avoid the fire by having a designated raid member looking out for Valiona at the time of the transition and calling out which line will get struck.  You don’t have much time to get out of the way so clear designated names for the lines should be given. Because you don’t wanna be in the middle of an arial napalm strike like go left , no right, left of dragon, no the other left of dragon.

It’s best to have the lines clearly identifiable, by anyone in the raid, in short time. .  You can clearly identify the center line, no problem there, but the thing is with this room is that it is almost mirrored, and it’s hard to distinguish top from bottom, or entrance from exit after you twist around the dragon a couple of times.  The entrance and exit doors look almost the same. So you either mark an entrance with a sign. Or , as a very observant rogue pointed out to me one side has some stairs. Thus the 3 lanes become, stairs, middle and door.

Whole raid knows which raid is which, someone announces which way the dragon hits. Eveybody gets out of the way. Nobody dies.)

And calling out when valiona is about to strike. At that point everybody should look and check which way is she coming. You can use your left mouse click to keep facing the boss, while twisting camera to look for valiona.

 What happens during transitions when you do get hit by the fire breath or you stay too long in the vortexes.  You get ported into another dimension, your almost dead, not just yet, almost. Here, deadly sparks fly around. Dodge them, and at the same time, you also have to dodge whatever else is going on outside. Valiona does 3 breath strikes, so if you got caught in the 1st one, remember you got 2 more to escape. Escape all dangers while going for the portal that will get you back to the real world, of warcraft.

The 2 dragons just keep on rotating, the enrage timer is lenient , so just stay alive and you should be able to bring these two dragons down.

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