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Using a frost dk is still the best way to handle the small adds.(10 and 25 man alike)

Dot the big adds, switch to full nuke on them when they are at 20% to prevent them from finishing their Armageddon cast

Spread out when Magmaw is at 30%

It’s best to start out in 3 camps, tank, melees and ranged. Ranged, and when I say ranged, I also mean healers, they move back and forth between the 2 locations each time they get targeted by pillar of flame.

This encounter is more though for ranged because of that pillar of flame. This is the kind of encounter that helps you identify who are the  fast to react ranged, and those that get caught up by pillar of flame.

Pillar of flame is the most important mechanic of this battle, it’s what can cause most of the wipes,  and it’s what you should be most attentive of. The floor beneath you turns reddish, seconds after you get tossed into the air and parasites spawn. You want to use any method that works best for you so that you are fast to react. Watch for the spot on the floor, or watch for the dbm warning. You gotta be like a twitchy squirrel on caffeine, ready to press that strafe button that blink key or that portal as soon as your group gets the pillar.

You also don’t want to move ahead of time. If you do, and you get the pillar, then you mess it up for the rest of the raid, as they strafe into your pillar. Ranged have 2 options: stay grouped up on one person, or stay grouped up in a line. Once the pillar is cast. Move to your second location while slowing down the adds. It is time for ranged dps and aoe slows and damage. Hunter traps, stuns from lock’s shadowfury, blizzard, frost dk’s with Howling Blast.  Use pushback only if they get very close. If you use it too fast you push them off the aoe range. Kill the parasites before they get to you. If they get into melee range of you, well, they do what parasites do, they use you to multiply until there’s too many of them and they kill you.

At some points during the battle, there may not be enough damage to take down all those parasites, a couple of them might escape, kite those if that happens. Kite those until they are dead.

Periodically, magmaw plunges down to engulf half of the room in flames. You want to move to the other side. Also this is the point in which 3 designated melees do a surprise ninja attack on the boss, they click on him to jump on back. Once the boss is in the upright position, use the chains special ability, at the same time. Aim for the spike in the center of the room. You need to do this successfully and at the same time to be able to chain magmaw’s head to the spike. In this position, you lose your old target and a new one, exposed head of magmaw appears. Make sure you press tab quickly to select the new target, and dps it down using cooldowns, bloodlust, anything like that, as this is when the boss takes 100% extra damage. Healers should regen mana during this time.

This was our 1st kill of Magmaw. A kill in which we also got the achiv for not having anyone infected with parasites.So again if you do the fight controlled, if you manage to keep away from those parasites you will be able to get this boss down. This is where this guide ends, press the link in the description if you are watching on youtube to find out using facebook when I release new videos.

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