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Omnotron Defense System

Heroic from Tankspot

In this encounter you are fighting against 4 different bosses, or Trons if you will,  that share the same health pool. You will  only be fighting against 2 at a time. You start off with one. The energy bar on the active one drains and when it reaches 50 another construct activates.

Always switch immediately to the newest active construct. Switch pets switch everything. The old one puts up a shield and you should not break through it. We even had our tank stop his attacks .It’s not always called a shield, one has a barrier one has a shell, point is that it acts and looks like a shield.  . If you do too much damage to that shield you will significantly empower that specific tron. He will be empowered till he reaches 0 energy and deactivates.  Each specific tron gets empowered in a different way, Arcanotron one shots with his Arcane Anihilator,  Magma does an improved mass aoe, Toxi puts a stacking dot, Electron has a better Chain Lightining. Point is, don’t dps after 50 energy. Best to call out target switches on vent.

Arcanotron drops a lovely blue vortex. You get 50% damage increase and mana regeneration. Stay in it, keep the boss out of it as he also gets damage increase if he sits in it. Just move the boss a bit so melees can stand in and the boss if out of it. Ranged and healers can come and join the party. The only time when staying in the blue puddle becomes questionable is when Electron is wondering around casting chain lighting.

Toxitron drops a toxic cloud. Targets in it take 50% more damage. Have your tank keep the boss in this cloud.

A challenge in this fight comes from Toxitron’s toxic bombs. He spawns these slimes close to him. They  target raid members. When they reach their targets they detonate and kill them. Slow these adds by placing traps, stun them if possible. Run away from them if you are targeted. Ranged dps them as they spawn. Melees let them spawn and acquire their target, after that you can dps them down or switch back  to boss.

Magmatron does a mass aoe that you have to heal through. He also targets a player with a re beam and seconds after , does massive damage in a cone, towards that player,. What we found that works best is to have ranged players stay still when targeted, and everyone else would move away from them. For melees, the one targeted goes to a side, towards the wall.

Electron does a chain lighting, jumps 3 times. He also places a debuff, lightning conductor. Move away from everyone else.

Arcanotron needs 2 dedicated interrupters for his arcane barrage type spell. Preferably the tank and an enhancement shaman that can also purge. Arcanotron needs to be purged or spellstealed so that he doesn’t  end up one shotting with his arcane barrage. We kept our interrupetes on him even when he was below 50 energy. The shammy would not dps, he would only interrupt and purge.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

1st a bit about the trash before Halfus. Yes, all the cc-ing in the heroics has served you well.  Your assigned cc-ers each take care of a target. Pull and start the cc at the same time. The cc targets end up pollied feared sapped mind controlled in around the same area, while the tanks get agro on the rest of the trash and you are free to cleave them down.

In the encounter area you have Halfus and 3 dragons. You are supposed kill Halfus with the help of some of these dragons. After you start the encounter simply speak to them to free them. Unfortunately they get instantly mind controlled against you.  So I should rather say speak to them to fight also against them. The thing is, while each dragon that you fight against improves your damage done on the boss or your survivability against certain special attacks, you also have to tank these dragons or spend dps to kill them. Once a dragon is dead you retain the bonus he had given you.

This is a very interesting encounter especially because of these dragons which make so that it can be approached  and tackled in lots of different ways depending on which or how many dragons you free and if you tank them or kill them. The encounter is completely different from the beta, with most of the mechanics changed, nevertheless RISE managed to take him down in the 1st week of cataclysm but a bit of a trial and error was necessary to discover the fight.

We tried without freeing any dragons. Who needs to waste dps on dragons when you got a boss to kill? That didn’t work out, we were dead in seconds.Then said a-ha free 2 dragons and tank them, but don’t dps them. That didn’t work out either, we died at 50%.

We then tried with freeing only the time dragon. That gives players enough time to spot meteor strikes on the floor. Ranged were spread out on the edge of the room. Melees were dodging as best they could. That failed because of the pushback that halfus does. That pushback hurts casters and healers most as it interrupts their cast.

Then we tried freeing only Storm. With Storm freed, that pushback that I was talking about becomes an interruptible spell on Halfus.  With 2 assigned interrupters on Halfus we had no more pushback. Unfortunately because the time dragon wasn’t freed anymore, the meteor strikes became too much to handle.

Finally this was the setup that got us the kill: we freed both time and storm at the start of the battle. We piled them up on Halfus. We cleaved them all but main kill target was Time Dragon. After that we took out Storm and then we focused all dps on boss.

After we took out Storm we also freed a 3rd dragon, the one from the left as you enter the room, called Nether Scion. We only tanked him, we did not dps him.

A great problem in this fight is the Halfus roar. Halfus starts doing his furious roar at 50% and then periodically after. The whole raid gets stunned for 6 seconds or more. This is what kills the melees and the Nether Scion tank. For the melees, that are clumped up on boss, it’s really important to avoid meteor strikes as much as possible during this stun. You are not going to be dpsing anyways because you are stunned, might as well take a step back just before the stun so you make life easier on the healers. The Halfus tank has a decent chance of surviving since Halfus isn’t damaging him as much while he is stunning, it’s the Nether Scion tank that you should be worried about, he is the one taking high damage. It is a necessity to use lots of cool downs on him just before each stun.  Either that or use 2 tanks for him. Just before the stun one tanks taunts off the other, and during the stun the Nether Scion is walking from one to the other and thus he isn’t killing.

This is where this guide ends, I hope you enjoyed it and you will give me the thumbs up on facebook. That being said,  I will leave you with the ending the 1st R I S E kill of Halfus, in the 1st week of cataclysm, watch, as he reaches enrage timer and kills us all just as we barely manage to take him down

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