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The play style of  many classes has changed since patch 4.0.1 . It is important, especially for pvp to have a decent knowledge of the more important changes that were done not only to your class but to the other classes as well… so that when you get nuked, stun locked silenced stuff like that, you will know who did what against you and you will be able to figure out more easily a strategy for defeating your enemy.

Heal reduction also known as mortal strike effect. We had our usual heal reduction classes: warrior , rogue , hunter. These classes had 50% heal reduction and shadow priests were also in the mix with 20% reduction. Now, after patch, all of the above classes got 25% heal reduction. That lasted for a short while, and now the effect was reduced to 10% for the above classes, well except rogues I believe.  But I fear rogues will have the same fate. So I guess classes  that used to have a decent ms effect aren’t too  thrilled right now about the change. The overall reduction to the ms effect  is substantial and it unfortunately makes classes look more alike.

Additionally mages can now also join the ranks of the ms classes if they choose to spend 3 talent points in the 2nd tier of frost, those talents are accessible by all mage specs. Don’t know what to make of this really, I would have said, ahh mages are overpowered now. They can cc they can survive they can slow and they have heal reduction. But ah w8, it’s only 10% nvm them.   Also warlocks get that 10% heal reduction, but only warlocks that play demonology and have the Felguard pet. Classes that used to have 50% heal readuction, they should feel nerfed.

The classes that don’t have ms effect right now and are dps are: paladins, shamans, druids, death knights, aliction/destro warlocks. These classes are however capable of dispelling cc-es , as in magic effects and have increase healing options. Well maybe except for death knight, DKs can’t dispel , perhaps he will get some sort of hot purging ability.

Warriors can now interrupt in arms,  they also get a 5 second stun. If warrior is nuking you, trinket the stun, if you are healer and warrior is nuking your dps, you might be better of saving the trinket for the fear.

Retri palas get interrupt through talents and boomkins, well, boomkins get a silence effect. It’s the Solar Beam that comes down from the sky, it silences ppl that are standing inside it. Resto druids can now dispel magic effects, most notably polymorph and fear.

Rogues will live up to their names of stunlock machines. Their kick can be more dangerous than ever, especially because of the glyph. The glyph increases the cooldown on kick by 4 seconds, but it reduces it by 6 if the kick was successful.  So against rogues fake casting and instant spells are your salvation.

Other important abilities that you should know of and that relate more to utility than damage: Retris now get a significant speed increase, it’s 45% speed increase for 4 seconds if they judge a target that is further than 15 yards from them. On the other hand , warlocks, they are now better able to slow down targets. In destruction, they can daze for  5 seconds every 8 seconds, and in affliction they can slow by 50% without the significant penalty to their dps that they used to have.

Another interesting ability that affliction locks get is Soul Swap. This ability can be used to transfer dots from one target to the other, unglyphed. So you can basically take out the dots from a target and you quickly reaply them on another target. Furthermore, if Soul Swap is glyphed, then it no longer takes out the dots from the target you initially use it on, it leaves them there. So if glyphed it can roughly double their dots.

Discipline priests have more ways of being aggressive, especially in the archangel spec.Damage done through smite  improves healing and helps with mana regen. So I think we will be seeing highly aggressive 2vs2 combos, rogue priest with both rogue and priest locking down  and nuking one healer.

Bm Hunters should do better at , well… surviving and keeping distance from their enemies. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera is a talent that reduces their disengage  cooldown when hit by phsysical attacks and  their deterrence cooldown when they are hit by spell damage.   The heal reduction doesn’t come from aimed shot anymore, but through Widow Venom, a shot that is available to all hunter specs.

Fire mages get an effect similar to the subtlety rogues cheat death. As in when they are just about to be killed, they instantly get 40% hp back. 1 minute cooldown on the effect.

Dk’s don’t have that 90% slow anymore, It starts at 60% now. They have however more resilient diseases, provided they are Unholy. At 85  any dk specking into the 2nd tear of unholy will be able to get resilient infection. This is  a talent that causes dks to get a free regenerated rune when a disease gets dispelled. Until 85 comes,  only full unholy can get this talent. Furthermore, full unholy has a talent that makes targets affected by death coil completely immune to dispel disease.So actually dispelling death knight diseases becomes a more questionable decision.

Frost dk’s are better at burst damage but they are more susceptible to slows and dispels. Blood is the tanking spec for dk’s now, and death knights that aren’t blood will have a harder time healing themselves, especially if you kite them.



Many small fire elementals spawn after meteor

4 cutters

Combustion/Consumption appear in both realms

If you are having problems with Halion Heroic, then I hope this guide will help you.

       1st some basics : when you get consumption or combustion, obviously the faster you get to the edge the better. Consider this training dummy in front of me as the boss, when you get consumption, you shouldn’t turn around and then start running. Don’t backpedal either. What you want do is to strafe and turn  really fast at the same time. Start moving out of the raid 1st, then try to figure out a location for where to drop the debuff. Not the other way around. This will improve your reaction time, and will be of high importance in phase 3.

In the begging of the fight have your tank mount up and charging in, so that the dragon is kept in the center of the field. That helps with meteors and combustions.

     The way you handle the adds is critical for this encounter. What happens is that each time a meteor hits quite a few small fire elementals will spawn, together with a large fire elemental. If the small adds are kept close to the large fire elemental they get buff points, they will grow in size and in hp, so it’s absolutely crucial that the small adds and the large add are kept separated from each other.

       You will need 4 tanks. 1 for normal realm, 1 for shadow realm, 1 for the small adds, and 1 for the big adds.  During the fight the raid stays grouped up in melee range. This is because you want to be able to control the small adds. When the small adds spawn they agro ppl. In the raid, they head to them but soon find themselves under a dk tank’s death and decay. Also rogues use tot together with fan of knives. And thus the small adds end up attacking the tank. A second later the rest of the raid uses aoe effects, damaging both adds and boss.

If somehow 1 or 2 fire elementals agro the main tank or the big add tank, do damage to them, deathgrip it so that it comes back into the raid and doesn’t grow.

      The large add has a tank movim him to a side. Since he cannot be taunted, direct damage is needed. And help from hunters with misdirect is important. Hunters have it though in this battle since they have problems with range. Once they misdirect the big add they should keep doing damage to him.

The rest of the ranged switches to the big fire elemental once the small ones are down. Because the raid stays grouped up in melee for the adds, each time a meteor hits, everyone has to go through the boss to the other side.  Go closer to the back legs than the front, a tails swipe will only stun you, a breath attack will kill you.

One thing to note is that you will get combustion just before meteor. The person with combustion has to run more towards0. the tail rather so that he will still be in range for heal and dispel.

At the same time the tank for the big fire elemental reserves special treatment. He needs to stay outside the raid so that he can pull the large fire elemental quickly. Thus he can’t go through the boss, going through the tail area is difficult since combustions are most likely place there. Only Thing to do is to go through the front of the dragon. He can try to dodge flame breath, even if he gets breath is no  big deal since he is a tank he can take it, just don’t forget to heal him.

It’s a good idea to use bloodlust/heroism at start if that helps you go into transition in only 2 meteor strikes. Otherwise you can use it during phase 2, as it will help with avoiding deaths in that phase. We barely managed to go into phase 2 with 2 meteor strikes by delaying a bit ranged dps on the 2nd large fire elemental.

      The transition part can be quite tricky, because of the loading time and the cleave. The 1st to go in is the shadow realm tank, followed by a couple of healers, then the raid. Tank should use some cooldowns and quickly move the boss from the portal area in order to avoid people getting cleaved. Face it the same way he was faced outside. Position yourselves like you see in this video. Healers and ppl. That enter too early are at high risk of getting cleaved.  But if healers enter too late, tank dies. Just to make a point this is what happened when the RNG gods threw a combustion on our tank right before transition. He had to enter the portal late, he didn’t have enough time to reposition the boss, we were to eager to enter, and the cleave took care of the rest.

Phase 2 welcomes you with 2 cutters instead of just one and then there is the consumption, the shadow debuff. 1st the cutters.  Instead of having the entire raid looking for the cutters we only have the main tank doing that. So we play the game: trust the imba tank.  The tank looks for the orbs behind the Dragon and estimates how the cutters will intersect. Based on that he rotates Pinky  so he doesn’t get hit.

The rule for the rest of the raid is that they always stay to the side of  dragon and a bit to the left. Movement is always towards the left, so be ready to move left.  If someone In your raid is dying from cutter you can tell them to check this video to better see how how the raid members are getting positioned.

The killer in this phase is actually cutter combined with consumption, the shadow debuff. The problem is, the shadow void zone you leave behind slows you down, so you get caught by cutter. Use hands of freedom on the affected person before dispelling the debuff. Freedom cooldown is enough to be used every 2nd combustion, so use it for the one during cutter.

Run out as you get the debuff, out and to the left, running away from the cutter that  is following you. Don’t go too far to the left or when you will return back you will get breath attack.

Melee stay positioned at max melee range, ranged can be a bit further out but not by much. this way you will be able to strafe left easily on cutters, the cutters won’t intersect in your face, you won’t have much running to do when shadow debuff strikes you, and you won’t be too far out, so that a shadow voidzone dispelled from another player will catch you accidentally.

If you’re confused while running out look for the orb, if you see it really close to you on your left, and the cutters aren’t up yet get behind the orb, that way when cutters will spawn, they will spawn just in front of you.

When you transition into p3, one of  the ppl from the outside group might get consuption just before going out. If that happens and he goes out with combustion he combustion will detonate, on top of the portal, where all the rest of the raid is, most likely resulting in a wipe. So check timer before clicking on portal.

In order to avoid deaths resulting from another transition we had main tank and one healer never entering the shadow realm. They just sit outside and have a coffe during phase 2. As the dragon spawns in p3, tank picks him up, healer heals him, rest of the raid will soon join through portal.

You have to properly divide your raid for phase 3.  We had 3 healers inside, 3 outside. Only  6 healers so we can reasonably get into phase 2 in two meteors. 5 dps inside, rest outside, more dps outside because of the fire elementals. Melees inside, ranged outside because of the moving. One rogue outside for tricks to add tank.

     In phase p3 you will see a percentage on the top middle of your screen. 50% means everything is fine. 40% means your side is doing a bit too much dps, you should slack a bit. 30% means you should stop all dps on boss, players on the other side are soon to die if they aren’t dead already. The percentage should be as steady as possible, it should go to 40% as the outside group gets adds. But once the outside group kills the adds the percentage should go back 60%. And then it should go back down as the adds are taken care of. If it’s following this pattern it’s good.

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