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Top 5 Controversial Games of 2010, and after seeing this vid, i love2playwow even more

How to fast level

Zones on the same line = alternate between them


starting areas -> Ghostlands -> Stonetalon, Hilsbrand

Arathi, Strangle, Alterac

Hinterlands, Tanaris (+Zul Farak)

Un’Goro, Felwood

Winterspring, + a couple of quests at Western PlagueLands


Starting areas -> Redridge


Arathi, Strangle, Duswallow

Tanaris, (+Zul Farak)

Un’Goro, Felwood

Winterspring, + a couple of quests at  Chillwind camp Western PlagueLands  to get 58

Zone level becomes a lot less of a factor at 58+.

And no I’m not trying to sell you some sort of fast leveling software.

This guide is meant for beginners and intermediate level players not for pros. I’m not a pro when it comes to leveling, I make mistakes, I don’t always follow the fastest path, I sometimes get stuck trying to kill elites.  I don’t like leveling, leveling for me it’s just an impediment to getting to max level where the real game begins. So this guide is about how to get through that leveling as fast and as easily and as painlessly as possible.  One thing that redeems leveling a little bit in my eyes, is that it, in  a way, it let’s me  understand my  class a bit better, it prepares me for max level by progressively introducing new abilities. Though this process should take less than it does, but well, what can you do.

//Since Cataclysm is coming I said ok, I’m going to make an alliance char. See how alliance is before the //whole world is burned to the ground by deathwing.

I have a somewhat relaxed leveling style, sometimes I watch TV while leveling, takes some of the boredom off  it, though the downside is that I often find myself auto-running into a bunch of mobs.

A decent time that you should be looking for let’s say 1-70 is 3 days. 1-80 , 4 days, 1-85-> 5 days.  3 days is the time it took me to get to 70 on my 1st alliance character, with no rested time at all, no recruit a friend, on a highly active pvp server. And since it was my 1st ally char I had no clue about the quests about the zones about what to do and where. Now of course you can do better than 3 days, I can do better than that, but  as a guideline you should be able to get to 70 in around 3 days with  some rested time and with the changes brought on to the zones by cataclysm.

Anyways I won’t talk about specific zones and where you have to go if you are of a specific level, like for example -> go to Duskwood at 22. Go to Strangletorn at 30 and so on. You don’t need that. You don’t want that , you also don’t want to alt/tab every5 minutes to check to which npc you need to go next and what quest you should take from him. That takes too long and is booring and inefficient.

Strict rules don’t apply.  It’s all about making leveling efficient and fast using a couple of simple principles rather than following a strict designated path. I’ve maxed leveled many chars, I don’t think I’ve followed the same exact path twice. That’s because my main concern when leveling is to be on yellow quests. That’s what I like. Light red quests are a bit too high, green ones don’t provide enough of a challenge and mobs die too fast for little xp.  Red and black quests are a no-go.

So what’s my thinking process when I’m leveling? I go to a new zone that is around my level. I go the the town of that zone and take all the quests.

 I open up my quest log, I see for example I have 5 yellow quests, 2 green, 2 light red, one red. It’s good , it’s perfect in fact, the zone is just right. I don’t know what the quests are called. I don’t read them, They are just colors and locations. If I have any black quests I cancel them.

I go for the quest that is nearest to me. As long as it is not a reddish one. Once I finish the green/yellow quest that was nearest i go to the next closest one, and so on.  But if at any point during this I’m close to town, I go into town and turn in the quest. Who knows maybe there is a follow up.  So you see here, a paid quest assistant that can tell you if you can get a follow up or not can save you a trip. I don’t like to use paid leveling helpers I take my chances, I’m only going back to town if I’m really close to it anyways.

When I finish the last of the furthest from town quests. I use the hearthstone.  I repeat this process until either A) all quests left are red or light red. Or B) there are no more quests left to do.

When are the quests too high for me? Light red quests are not that recommended but, if they are just one or two, it’s more time efficient to just do them right then and there, than to travel a long way to a new zone and then come back.

If i have mostly red quests in the area.  I leave it, it is too high for me. I will come back later when I have the right level and I will finish them all.

If let’s say a zone is from 30 to 40. And I am lvl 38. Then I’m temped to stay and finish off  the area, even if some of the quests are light red.

Which zones do I go to? How do I decide on a zone once I finished with the previous one. I select the next zone based on level and proximity to my current location.

If let’s say i’m alliance, I’ve just finished RedRidge Mountains, and I’m lvl 24. I go to Dusk Wood. Dusk Wood is for lvls 18 to 30 so it’s perfect for what I need and it’s close.

A thought  situation to be in is to be in between the levels of zones. Let’s say I’m level 30.  if I go to a level 20-30 zones, quests will be too small. If I go to 30-45 zone. Quests will be too big. My choice was to got the a lvl 30+ zone, do a couple of quests, and when they get red I go to another 30+ zone do the quests there and then alternate between the 2 zones. While being on a queue for dungeons.  If both zones have red quests, I would take a 3rd 30+ zone.

On alliance for example I alternated Strangletorn and Arathi Highlands , mixing in  Dustwallow Marsh later on.  On horde I went Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrand Foothills , and  Strangletorn.

I used to avoid: Badlands, Burning Steppes, Blasted Lands, Blade’s Edge Mountains, weird, they all start with B. But now they are more ok, quests have been group up a bit.

As horde I used to avoid the barrens., instead I would have gone to Ghostlands, the blood elf leveling zone, using the portal from Undercity  to Silvermoon. Now the barrens has changed a bit, it has been cut in 2 by the cataclysm.

Another thing that I like to do is I go to Outland at 58, to Northrend at 68, to the cataclysm zones at 78. After each expansion the experience gets a boost. So if 68 took me 2hours and 40 minutes, level 70 in Northrend took me half of that.

Dungeons are a good option if you have  some quests for them. For example I recommend Zul’Farak, you get lot’s of quests for it, ppl know how to do it, you get good xp. For dungeons the speed at which you level greatly depends on how good your group is. With a good group you would get as much xp as if you would have used that time to level, but when you turn in the quests, you do get the extra bonus.  If you see your group is crappy just don’t bother.

On a pvp server, the fastest way to level is just to avoid pvp. Well it’s actually up to you if you wanna avoid the pvp to get a faster lvl time. Sometimes a bit of pvp takes you out of the monotony of leveling, so it ain’t all that bad. When I meet a player of a different faction I don’t do the 1st move, but I don’t engage any mobs either. Well depends on how close to me he is. I mean if I see him far away, I go about my business killing mobs while going away from him. If he comes close to me I stop pulling mobs and I w8 to see what his intentions are. Usually the international sign for no conflict is a /no. But that rarely matters. If they are higher level they will engage in combat. I do love it when they attack me unprovoked and I end up winning.

If i keep fighting a player and you keep getting killed by him,i just let it go,I  don’t worry about it don’t get angry about it, I know I will get my revenge at 85 when I will kill thousands of his kind.Fot the time being I  just rez behind a tree or a rock and go to another area. I can come back and finish your quests later. Sometimes if a see the time is right i ambush my enemy while he has a couple of mobs on him, in hopes of getting my revenge.

If you come across level 85, they are usually in the area to farm reputation. Some are merciful and let you be. Some kill you for the fun of it. You stand no chance against a max level enjoys killing lower levels. When this happens I still try to still get my quest mobs if the area is large enough and I have some spots where I can take cover, like buildings, or trees, stuff like that.  I don’t always succeed, sometimes I get killed once or twice before I manage to get my kills, but I’m always happy if I manage to outmaneuver the lvl 85 player, get my quest done, and leave the area before he knows it.

About quest helper, the famous addon that has made all of our lives easier. I still like to use it over the ingame helper at least till 58. I have the ingame one disabled by having show quests objectives unchecked. Why? Well, it’s because of the quests levels. With quest helper I can set a certain level difference for my quests, with the ingame one I can’t. They show on the map either way. And since I don’t want to be going back and forth between checking the quest color and it’s location on the map. I just use quest helper with a level difference of 3. A level difference of 3 is what I find that works best for me when I have heirloom items.  With normal items, I might take it lower, but that depends on the class.

For any ranged class, mages, locks, hunters, you ideally want your target dead as he is just about to hit you. Hunters, some locks, will pull the mob off their pet, but that’s good,  means mob is wasting time running to you instead of doing damage. By the time he reaches you he should be dead.

Melees shouldn’t be on mobs that require them to use bandages every time the bandage debuff is off cooldown. In fact if that happens it’s bad. In that case the melee should go to lower level quests, switch his dps priority or switch to his tanking spec, if not a rogue. Though tanking for leveling, I’m not a fan of that, I wanna kill the mob, fast, perhaps use a bandage once in a while...not tank it just so that I would never use bandages. Tanking offspecs are however good for soloing 2/3 player quest elites. Also good for killing elites are classes that can call open a pet tank, warlocks, hunters .

I like to level without caring about rested til 70. After that. The more rested, the better.


                         Good Guides by Kripparian. But don't think that you will just do Jewlcrafting and that's it! you will be making 20k/ hour and you will be rich! The other JC's aren't sleeping... and they will want a share of the profit. You will also have to do alot of daily quests to do to get a decent selection of gems. If you play the market actively and agressively, you might be able, in time, to disscurrage other JCs from making much of a profit.

The higher the competition, the lower the profits. Wow players change their gear and they need to enchant it and gem it. Thus, JC and Enchanting are highly profitable proffessions. But many catch on to that,  and thus JC and Enchanting markets become crowded. That only means that there is some room for the other professions to bloom. Either way, there is no magical way to suddently make lots of gold, but it sure helps to have a guide. Also, being able to streamline and efficientisize your profession will incrrese your earnings significantly.

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