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               No matter how good your latency is… lowering it helps! An even lower latency than what you already have will simply give you a better chance of properly timing an interrupt, a spell reflect, or any other ability you can think of. Also it will make your skills/spells flow more smoothly. Of course if your latency under 100 I don’t really think you need to bother. You can undo the modifications at a later time if you feel something went “wrong” by deleteing the created registry entries.

             Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you are prone to being careless or if you are known for making spelling mistakes stop right here and do not attempt! This site does not assume any responsibility for any damage that may occur to your computer as a result of following this guide. 

           The minor registry modification shown in the video above can be very useful for almost any wow player and that is why the vid is included in the learn2playwow pages. I’ve been using this method of improving my latency on Win XP for over two yeas now, went from 250 to 90 with no ill effects. Tested it on 6 different WINDOWS XP computers. For WINDOWS VISTA , or WINDOWS 7 i have found most guides placing the TCPNoDelay entry under the same interface  where you placed TcpAckFrequency. (instead of navigating to MSMQ and creating TCPNoDelay there).



Wow was supposed to make some sort of patch that would improve latency a long time ago. But sadly that patch never came up… It seems there is a problem with wow getting access to your windows files to make the necessary modifications.

         What’s the “magical” secret behind this latency improvement? Well it’s nothing spectacular really… windows is by default designed to work with large chunks of data when transferring it over the internet. Wow and other online games are designed to send small amounts of synchronized data really fast. The tweak makes your computer synchronize himself with the wow server twice as often.

           Although this modification is supposed to make your large files, movies and such, download a bit slower, I haven’t noticed any significant differences. And, anyways, if you feel something went wrong you can reverse the registry tweak by placing 2 instead of 1 in the TcpAckFrequency.

The path to the file is:

Between the interfaces listed there, find the one that has your IP under DhcpIPAddress. You can find your own ip from a site like

Add a new DWORD value, type exactly TcpAckFrequency , set the value to “1”.

Disable/Enable your internet connection...aaaand you should be done! Check your wow latency.

Navigate to

Right-click in the right hand side and add a new DWORD value, name it TCPNoDelay, then right click the entry and click Modify and assign a value of 1. Click ok, close regedit, restart.

Note: If you cannot find MSMQ it means you don't have it on your computer. You can install it from ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS (Windows Components) . ( you will need your XP CD). 

If you would like additional info on the matter you can read on:wiki, speedguide , windowsreference orlifeandcode

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