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Lord Rhyolith

Lord Rhyolith was a fairly difficult encounter there was an issue with Erruption debuff Stacking too much, this week they Hotfixed it and it’s now a much more doable encounter I recommend you try it out.

You attack the legs of boss to steer him he doesn’t actually need a tank. The adds need tanks.

Whichever leg you attack, that is the way he will turn. Your goal is to steer him around the platform while making sure that he never reaches the edge, and make him walk into his own volcanos.

If he reaches the edge it’s a wipe, if he doesn’t walk into enough active volcanos raid damage goes too high. It’s important to make the distinction: this is an inactive volcano, it doesn’t help if he walk into these just ignore these, on the other hand this is an active volcano you want him to walk into these to put them out. The more time an active volcano stays uncrushed, the more debuff stacks your raid will gather and that will increase the chances of a wipe.

Put 7-8 players on the feet, mostly melees, ranged on the adds. One tank on the Fragments, group and kill these 1st they need to go down within 30 seconds. After that switch to the Spark. The Spark needs a separate tank and should be tanked away from the rest of the raid as it does aoe damage around it.

If both the Fragments and the Spark are dead ranged should put some damage into the legs.

Trick here is that if you put too much dps on the legs you don’t have enough left for the adds. Hardcore guilds that are capable of a lot of dps shouldn’t have much of an issue with steering him left and right. The rest of the guilds should keep watching this video.

We used an interesting strategy for steering him. Since our dps was not enough to steer him both left and right we only steered him left and forward. Yes that’s right steering him left and forward is enough to make Ryolith cover most of the encounter area and walk over a decent amount of volcanos.

Imagine an oval type pattern, boss would mostly turn left, but if there was a volcano ahead of him we would switch to have him go forward for a while, and even before reaching the volcano we would switch back to our usual left leg to keep him in the pattern.

The bosses legs have a bit of a weird hitbox area, it’s kinda small and it’s difficult for some to always hit it properly without getting out of range or you are facing the wrong way messages that would affect your dps. That’s why melees should be attacking the legs from the front, or from a side, the legs don’t parry thus there’s s no penalty for attacking from the front. If you stay in the back of the leg you are most likely to get covered by the leg and not see exactly if you’r in fire or not. When he is doing his warstomp you don’t need to actually move after the leg, it’s bad if you do that, it shows the hit box there but the hit box is actually where the leg was before the warstomp.

During the fight one of the most important things to avoid are the feint firelines coming from the volcanos. They don’t look dangerous enough that’s their problem but they hit for 75k.

Ryolith starts with 80% damage reduction, each time you have him go over an active volcano he drops 10%. You want to have him drop all his armor while you get him to legs to 25%.

At 25% it’s burnout phase he goes red and needs a tank. Use all cooldowns here, use raid wide defensive cooldowns linked to each other and two at the same time. The Phase is short enough to allow some cooldown stacking. Some will die but you should still get the kill.

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Thanks for watching and good luck with the encounter.

==================  Heroic ==================

Rhyolith heroic and a new type of add, Liquid Obsidian joins in on the fight. These blobs crawl towards Rhyolith, each blob reapplying a stack of armour if he reaches the feet. The blobs can be slowed and stunned. For the most part you should not single target the new adds, they should be cleaved down and as long as only a few of them reach the legs then you should be ok.

The challenge on heroic is to kill the adds while at the same time damaging and steering Rhyolith. Bring the fragments close to the back of Ryolith, that way you will have the fragments and the blobs around the same area, and when you will do aoe you will damage both types of adds and the legs at the same time. Priority for raiders should be: is Ryolith going in the direction he should be going , if he is then dps adds. In this battle I dpsed left leg, right leg whichever was needed and then each time adds were close I would take a step back towards them for better coverage then whirlwind, then back on the legs.

We had 3 melees on each leg, that was the default dps mode. 3 other players were doing the main steering. It’s very important that you have a good ranged caller that has a good view of the battle and can direct the steering. The caller would say left or right for normal type steering, hard left , hard right for when the 3 melees on the legs would join as well, and all on left all on right for panic mode steering. Panic mode steering is when all in raid join in on the steering and you are hoping he won’t go into the lava.

Ranged are preferred for this battle, a lot of stuff to avoid on the ground, remember to take out projected textures to better spot the fire.

Superheated acts like a powerful soft enrage timer. It activates 5 minutes after the encounter starts and that’s about the time you should be taking him into phase 2. Bloodlust just before phase 2, ignore the adds, they will despawn, and do maximum damage to boss. Use all available raid wide defensive cooldowns. Stay in two groups one ranged on melee. Run away from the eye beams, kill boss.


+11 #10 mastergamer 2011-08-24 23:50
first time seeing any of your vids :sad: wish i saw them before i love them and i love the clear telling of the raid and what to do. Also love the why you stopped the vid to show how you moved him great idea then just telling.
+5 #9 Mike 2011-08-15 19:18
Indeed Very Good... Not just this one... Very intuitive and let us know the important things in the fight... continue... :lol:
+6 #8 Luciell 2011-08-11 22:52
Great videos! I'm sorry, I don't do Facebook.
+8 #7 missniggnogg 2011-07-31 04:35
keos - u , ur guild and these vids rule
+5 #6 Souloftherà 2011-07-30 12:23
YOU rock man !
+3 #5 KILLBOSSESS 2011-07-28 09:37
I love your videos men y kill 2 boss thnks men :roll: :roll:
+5 #4 Wizinc Stormscale 2011-07-23 18:33
Hello mate! I've been watching your videos sience Wotlk. I really like your guilds couse you put them up in a simple way that makes understanding easier. You're guilds is the best guides i've seen, not that crap as Learn2Raid. Really keep the working up :)

Greetings Wizinc
+6 #3 Urban 2011-07-20 13:38
Hi, you are really making awesome videos, I don't use facebook, but I really like your videos.
+3 #2 Magizor 2011-07-17 18:32
Hey Keos, your videos are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so clean, nothing what would mess up thinkings or anything else. I love it
+18 #1 Xsilver 2011-07-12 20:41
I dont got facebook but i always like your videos, back to wotlk. keep up the good work, i need your help to keep on beeing a good raider! :D

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