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A fairly challenging encounter, perhaps the hardest before heroic. 1st phase , you get down in the arena and, and no, you are not fighting Nefarion yet, you start on Onyxia 1st.  Nefarion will join the fight a bit later on. Onyxia does the classical cleave and tail swipe, but at the same time she has a lightning type ability. When the tank sees her sides sparkling, that’s the time to turn her around because she does lightning damage to her sides. Raid get a tail swipe, but it’s better then the lightning.

Additionally you will get a couple of adds. We tank and slow them  on 25 man, and in 10 man we cc them.  The adds have an energy bar that steadily drains. That’s their life time. Tank or cc them until their energy bar becomes depleted. Keep them off your main tanks, they become reactivated if they get hit by shadow breath.

30 seconds into the fight and Nefarion joins in. Tank him on the other side of the platform, as far away from Onyxia. They get buffed if within 60 yards of each other. Onyxia has an energy bar that steadily grows. When it reaches 100% Onyxia will explode killing your entire raid. Your goal is to kill Onyxia before she explodes, but at the same time you want to put as much damage on Nefarian as you can. The more damage you put on Nefarian now, the easier it will be in the final phase.

Nefarion has a deadly Eloctrocute ability which will strike every 10% of his health. This ability does 80k damage to everyone in raid and adds 25 energy to Onixia. Call it out every 10%. Healers should have everyone full on hp before each 10%. But they can use mana efficient heals afterwards. At least in phase 1.

Before you get Onyxia down and finish up phase 1 you should aim to have Nefarion below 80%. Ranged can put dots on both targets for some extra dps.

Going into phase 2 and lava floods the room. You are to split your raid into 3 groups, each on a different pillar. Melees take care of the adds while ranged do damage to Nefarian. Stay spread out on the platform in 3 groups to minimize shadowflame damage.  The adds don’t need to be tanked but they do have a cast that does 40k aoe damage.This cast needs to be interrupted for the duration of phase 2. It goes of every 12 seconds in 10 man, so you need at least 1 interrupter per add in 10 man, and it goes off every 6 seconds on 25, so on 25 you need at least 2 interrupters per add. Almost everybody that can interrupt should interrupt in this fight.

And the interrupt issue brings us back to the beginning of phase 2, when the lava was just filling up the room and the adds were appearing on the platform. The thing is that the adds to their cast almost as soon as they spawn. So what you’ve got is ppl in the lava or just coming up from the lava, all burning up trying to get on the platform, with half hp , barely alive and then a blast wave hits them in the face and kills em. For me this is the hardest moment of the fight.

It is really important that you get that 1st interrupt. The  lava is burning you up, the add on top ready to blast. I will not lie to you I missed the interrupt the 1st 3 times, yes I am human , yes I make mistakes. But I learned from those mistakes, and  I developed a system, and after that I stopped missing interrupts. So here is how it goes: lava comes up, i’m jumping.  Add comes on top of the platform. I select it even if I’m still in the lava. I’m focusing on jumping and getting out but my main priority is that interrupt. He casts, I interrupt. Take note that you can interrupt the add even if you are still in the lava. Also in order to see the add while you are in the lava make sure you have water collision off. Mob is interrupted, everybody is alive, everybody happy, phase 2 begins.

You finish of with phase 2 once the adds are dead or after 3 minutes. Try to get Nefarion down by 20% or more. Use defensive cooldowns each time he uses electrocute.

Phase 3 and it is time for the adds again. The adds act like a soft enrage timer. They get reactivated. Phase 3 is all about add control add tanking and getting Neffarion down before the adds kill your add tanks. We used 2 tanks in 25 man. Shadowy flames start covering the floor, the adds get reactivated if the step in these. Shadowblaze sparks are shot towards the location of the adds, creating a shadowflame underneath which reactivates the adds. This means that the tank needs to constantly move the adds and try to keep them out of shadowflame. There are many ways of doing this, you can have Nefarion in the center, and the add tank moves the adds around the outer edge, or you can have Neffarion to a side with the tank using the rest of the room at his own free will.

You can help the tanks with cc’s and slows, but remember, the shadowflame breaks cc’s and slows. It is recommended that you start phase 3 with Nefarion as low as possible, 41% or lower would be really good, but I’ve also seen some guilds getting him down and starting phase 3 at as much as 61%.



0 #28 mastergamer 2011-08-25 01:25
right before every raid my guild does idc if they did the raid 1,000 times they have to watch the vid of the raid or no raid.
+3 #27 deusjulius 2011-06-29 08:22
i have to say this is the best place to get info about bosses..txs i loved that comment of ---even i am human
0 #26 Lover 2011-06-09 12:30
I just love it!
0 #25 boomer 2011-06-08 16:32
how is the addon called that u use for ur small abil CDs?
0 #24 gdd 2011-05-02 15:22
super guide just the best ty m8 :roll: :-)
+1 #23 love2playwow 2011-04-07 22:51
note: don't slow/frost nova the adds in p3, it will be harder to reset them.
+2 #22 Rocky 2011-03-30 12:02
For mother russia
+3 #21 pwewer 2011-03-17 16:39
Damn i LOVE your voice!
+1 #20 Druidyourself 2011-03-08 10:35
Hey there!

First of all, I have to say I watch your guides since I started raiding ICC. I can only agree with everyone who shares the opinion that your guides kick ass! :-)
But there is one thing that would be nice to know about your guides. And that is, when the guides were captured (patch status).
Keep up the good work, I'm going to subscribe your channel on youtube as soon as I got an account there. :-*
0 #19 MeLikeWoW 2011-03-07 15:41
thanks with this guide me and my guild downed him within 5 tryes!! :lol: :lol:

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