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Arena Guides S9ep01

1st thing you do when you enter the arena, 1st thing you do , you check how much mana your enemy has. That sets you in a state, that let’s you know that you are fighting double dps or dps and hps. If you are fighting double dps go into a state of full awareness, be ready to use all your cooldowns, it’s going to be a short battle. If the double dps are melees, they are most likely going to go for your healer. Melees do better against healers because they can follow them behind pillar and interrupt them. If it’s double ranged stay close to the boxes and be ready to use them for your own advantage. Ranged have more cc and and will most likely focus on cc-ing your healer while killing dps.

If you are fighting against healer and dps, you can be a bit more relaxed, do a little bit of planning, should you try to win with cc, with burst, a combination of the two or will there be a mana battle.

Let’s check out a couple of games, I’m going to be playing multiple setups, for your viewing convenience.

Warrior Druid vs priest dk. Bladestorming on the prist , dk pulls me back and prist goes loss. Nice trick right there. Dk gets rooted, I get slowed also. Priest comes out to pop shadowfiend. I use throwdown on shadofiend I don’t want the priest to get any mana. My stun is meant to buy my druid enough time for a cyclone, he can’t cyclone even with fake cast because dk is on him, he warstomps and that’s enough for me to go pillar. Priest gets no or little mana and part of the game is won right here.

You will notice I’m trying to be on the priest, the priest is a really good target for warriors.

Dk comes to mess up with my plans, I’m slowed can’t catch with priest. Pointless to keep on him for the time being I switch to dk a bit. Druid came close to warstomp so now dk is going to take advantage of that and freeze us both in place. All of a sudden I’m at 37% hp with priest doing holy fire. My healer trinkets. I switch back to priest. I kept on him this entire game I’m not going to let him mana burn. Dk goes back after my healer a switch can mess up with druid healing but this leaves me again free on priest, never a good idea.

His switch didn’t work, comes back on me as I’m almost getting the priest down he trinkets throwdown, dk arrives just in time and the priest escapes me. I can’t follow him with the dk crap under me most efficient thing to do is switch to dk. Dk jumps down and pulls me down while priest is doing divine hymn. Good move by dk, I can’t interrupt that divine now.

I try a heroic leap maybe I can still reach him but dk is on top of things with icy touch. Priest is doing hymn of hope. I intervene to my druid hoping to get closer. It’s too late , I switch back to dk.

My druid goes close to the priest to stop any attempts of drinking but that lands him a fear, he has no trinket. Priest realizes it’s all or nothing, no chance of mana wining this so it’s only cc and nuke now so he uses what little mana he has left on a holy fire and then smites. I go retaliation to make them pay for their aggressiveness. Dk tries to link to the priest fear with a freezing but it’s too late. He shouldn’t have tried to nuke through retaliation but really he had no choice. Game was lost in the initial stages when dk was on my healer and not on me for too long of a time.



Next one I’m playing as a healer, a resto druid. We are going against a double melee dps team, arms warrior prot pala. Well double dps team, I will consider the prot in the dps cathegory you will see in a moment why. I guess he could have been retri that also works.

My lock goes to center to put his portal the double melees take this time to get to the center of the arena. That leaves me in a fairly vulnerable position as I have no pillar to put between me and them.

Fight starts with lock going for the warrior. Paladin does a shield silence on lock. I get out of stealth I place rejuvenate and lifeblooms. My lock does an aoe stun and then an aoe fear. Warrior is had berserker rage on I believe, pala is feared, he quickly trinkets. This is my chance to put a cyclone on him so I do that.

But remember what I was saying about positioning at start, it has got me too close to them and I was really fearing a switch. Just look at my hp I am full hp then in 2 hits warrior gets me to 80k. I do rejuv, I do Nature’s grasp for instant root warrior of course bladestorms it and when I try to travel out run in I get a daze from the pala and then a stun.

All of a sudden I’m at 40k and stunned. 5 secconds on that stun I insta trinket. I went to 30k I use both barksin and battlemaster and go tree form. I get a charge stun I’m at 35k. I use the health stone and the instant healing touch. I’ve just used all my cooldowns in 3 seconds.I start spamming regrowth on myself and for a while I feel safe. This was a really nice switch by the 2 melees. I put rejuv lifebloom lifebloom lifebloom. Then I put a rejuv on my dps I’m thinking they might switch again. I do an instant root on the pala. Warrior gets a throwdown on me and even if my lifeblooms bloomed I’m still not doing so ok with my hp. My tree form is out and I’m at 90k.

I go to 60k during the stun and I swiftmend. I have no more cooldowns to use there is no chance I’m getting a free cast , I can only put hots on myself and to hope they will be enough. I’m at 25k, going low yet again I warstomp. I get a stun on myself but notice it has diminishing returns 1 second something. If this would have been a full duration stun the I would have been dead, perhaps pala should have used this stun on my dps instead. Perhaps not in this stun I go to 3k. Luckily my lock manages to finish off the warrior but still I’m at 3k. I swiftmend for 20k and the battle is won. Notice the nice switch the double melees did on my druid they got me low twice.

Speaking of double melees here’s one more. This time dk and retri. I am playing as discipline priest. Remember what I was telling you about positioning in the last arena. Here it works better. Very, very important my elemental goes to intercept while I stay at max range of him.

My elemental starts dpsing them and they are confused because we rushed them and because they are deciding. They are like let’s go healer we always go healer and we kill him. But no if we go healer the elemental will fuck us up. This indecision let’s my elemental get a couple of free shots in and dk goes to 64% and then 45%. I’m starting to feel confident about this arena but my confidence is short lived as 2 melees can pummel the hell out of an elemental. All of a sudden my elemental can’t dps if his life depended on it. And you will notice dk went to 35%. And then back up to 50%. Then 54%. All of a sudden I’m not feeling so confident the dk is able to heal and I can only keep my dps up for a limited amount of time. If my elemental keeps on the dk this becomes a lost game while dk heals himself my elemental gets pummeled, I go out of mana or I’m unable to keep him up.

My elemental switches to the retribution. I penance him I renew and notice how far away from them I’m staying. They get a bit closed and I get a repentance on me. Elemental does a hex on the paladin. Paladin insta trinkets and goes red for that powerful burst. They get close to me and I was expecting this, hoping to do a land a fear on a trinketless paladin. The dk gets the fear the paladin doesn’t, why I don’t know perhaps you guys can help me out on this one. Dk goes out of fear with Lichborne.

When paladin goes red he does insane damage our cc attempts were unsuccessful. My elemental does the best thing he can do he drops a earthbind totem and kites them which is exactly what I needed to keep him alive. Paladin drops to 18% he uses freedom to go down and then bubbles as he is too low on hp.

My elemental goes back on the dk and notice that dk that was at 45% in the beginning of the arena he is now at almost full. And at this point I was questioning dk’s decision to stay up. He could have gone loss of my elemental to avoid damage from my elemental. But it was the right thing to do as you will see he will get hp back up and use antimagic shell.

Dk goes on me and I’m headed for the slowing totem as that is my lifeline against 2 melees. Paladin uses up all the rest of his mana on healing himself and rejoins the fight.

And now the dk goes to 35% hp again but then back to 50 then back to 30. They continue on my elemental to lock him down. I get stunned , elemental manages to root them down. Thy switch to me and just look at the dk’s health it goes back to full again with my elemental shooting him. I fear them and this time they both eat it. I bring myself to full and dk does spell simulacrum on my pain suppression and now I’m really pissed of with him how there he steals pain suppression like that. Nice move from him right there he played really well.

I keep running back and forth close to the totem. Now that they switched on me my elemental is finally free to nuke like he likes to and he switches to paladin for it seems the dk is invincible. Paladin starts at full hp but a free elemental is a free elemental , a fear and in a couple of seconds pala goes down.

Good play from both of them and I thank them for this arena.


+1 #10 Liox 2011-06-18 16:12
Hey there,
you asked at the discclip why the paladin did not get the fear.
The reason for this is that he was slightly out of range when you used the fear.
Watch closely:
you run towards them, pressing fear at the same moment.
So you hit the dk but the ret was not (luckily) in your range when you pressed the fear (at least it seems to me like this is what happened while watching closely).
Just watch the point where the deathknight is standing when you are freezing the clip and where the paladin stands. It's about 3yards maybe but that's what made the difference.
That's the reason why you did not get the fear out on the paladin (slightly misstimed your fear). If you would have hit fear just a splitsecond later you would've gotten both.

At least it seems so.

0 #9 Kickapoo 2011-06-13 14:27
2v2 warr/Rogue or a 3v3 guide would be rly nice!
+1 #8 missmimmi 2011-06-13 13:48
Show a 2v2 as a hunter or make a 3v3 stregory vid,
Love all your videos
0 #7 Dorrit 2011-06-12 06:53
Nice video; I've enjoyed all of your vids so far. First one I saw was your review of Rift. I hope you do more soon. What I would like to see is some 3's commentary. I play a Ret Pally and Frost DK, so either one of those classes would be cool to see:-)
0 #6 Leroyy 2011-06-09 17:27
I would like to see how you would have dona an arena were your team belongs of 2 hunters..

Great Guide It helped alot for my disc priest
0 #5 Scriosadh 2011-06-06 17:39
Thank you very much for your guides. I just stumbled upon one at wcm. Very informative and sometimes very funny. Very good play, too. If I would be on facebook you would get a LIKE from me. I´ll recommend your site to my friends.
0 #4 Gane 2011-06-02 18:23
Awesome work m8, waiting forward for your new arena videos.
0 #3 steluta986 2011-05-31 16:30
You really know about World of Warcraft. I am sure you have lots of hours played. Thanks for the video. It really helped me out to find new things about this game. I tried and will try to do what you are telling in theese trailers. Good job!
+1 #2 Kaen 2011-05-28 07:18
Dude, you rock! Haven't seen many players who are this good at arena. I don't play much PvP, but I still enjoy watching your videos :)
+2 #1 TL 2011-05-27 22:18
hahaha, you're getting better and better at commentary. very funny, yet more importantly very, very informative. Thanks for your hardwork making these videos! We do appreciate them. only if the devs @ Blizzard could fix rated bg's and expand Cata's end-game =/

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