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This new series of guides is meant to provide you with some knowledge that will improve your arena game play. It is not intended for any class in particular but instead will look on how various setups work.

These will not be magical videos, you are not going to just gain 500 rating after watching them, but hopefully you will become better. I’m not the best pvp-er in the world and I’m not the worst either. I’m just going to share some of the knowledge that I already have as well as add some videos of fellow pvpers.

I’m currently at around 2k rating with some of my characters so if you are above 2k then you might already know many of the things I am about to explain. You might be able to find videos of higher rated ppl. interesting to see yet unfortunately not many of them explain what they are doing and why.

If you do come across any good pvp guides, made by you or by someone else mail me a link .

So… lets begin with a more general look on pvp and arenas, a basic look, there are 3 major components that determine your overall success in pvp :

1. Strategy
2. Addons
3. Key Binds and Macros

In most of the arena videos I will discuss strategy. I believe you can improve yourself if you see what strategy a certain setup uses in order to get a kill, even if you don’t play that setup you are bound to play against them. Knowing what your enemy does, knowing it’s weak and strong points will improve your gameplay.

Regarding addons I’ve made a couple of guides on, check the combat addons and the arena addons guides if you wish to know more about addons. I will add pointers that relate to various addons in my future videos.

Good key binds and smart macros are essential when it comes to improving your reaction time and your ability to successfully take advantage of certain situations. I will also make key binds and macros guides. When I’ll have a bit more time.

Now a bit of talk about 2vs2 and 3vs3. The normal progress that you should be aiming for is to 1st get 1900 in 2vs2 and then you should switch focus to 3vs3. 2vs2 should, at least in theory be easier till 1900 than 3vs3. And there isn’t really the motivation for achieving more than 1900 in 2vs2 , at least from my point of view, since you can’t get any new items. Initially I didn’t agree to the nerf of 2vs2… being forced to do 3vs3 for better items was something I was against.

I was quick to change my mind though because of the many endless games that can go on in 2vs2. Those kind of games that last for 40 minutes and in which neither side has what it takes to take down the enemy team.

In the end you win or loose because one of the teams gets too bored and starts making mistakes or starts going too aggressive for their own good. If the battle goes on for 45 minutes both sides loose points. Loosing points makes sense though, you wouldn’t want to promote double healer teams that win rating just by lasting 45 minutes.

Let’s check out a couple of games. Here is one from a while back, I was mostly deadly geared in furious times. On the left we a setup that used to be very popular: unholy dk and prot pala. And yes… I know what the forum trolls are going to say. It’s Overpowered you noob.

All setups are overpowered, more or less. Try to play an overpowered setup, doesn’t matter how skilled you are if you are playing double priests you ain’t gonna win. This movie was made after the nerf. to the prot pala stun and spellpower. and after the nerf to the dk pet stun. This setup was really overpowered before the nerf.

Anyway since the nerf I haven’t really seen many prot. Palas around. And that is just a shame. Paladins choose to go with Holy because they get the instant Holy Shock, well that and other things, but the point is that they gain survivability at the cost of offensive power. Too much survivability and yes… you will win against double dps, but you will have endless games against healer + dps.

Actually a prot-holy, with his silence and stuns can be more aggressive than a holy one, but on the other hand they are easier to CC and interrupt. Given the lack of an instant cast I think that nowadays the only class that can play together with a prot-holy pala is the Dk, just because the dk can survive on it’s own for a while longer. A more riskier setup, but more fun at the same time.

So.. the pala is prot-holy. We are facing double druids: one feral one resto. Double druids… a not so common setup. I just took a random game from my recordings. Well the setup obviously works since these guys managed to get above 2k. It’s the constant cyclones. Luckily there is a thing called diminishing returns, each cyclone lasts half as long as the previous one. After 3 cyclones you become immune to them for 15 seconds. That is the time to try to get a kill. This can easily turn into an endless battle, especially since the druid is fully resto, all the way up till Wild Growth.

Just like any other good druid would do, this one does the proper chain of cc. 3 cyclones and then a bash. His mistake is that he is trying to CC my healer while my gargoyle is up. When a dk. has his gargoyle up means his intention is to go for a kill. Play defensively then. This druid, after the cyclone and the bash had 1 rejuv and 1 lifebloom on him.

His cyclone gets interrupted. Pala has the chance to throw me a heal. And now the feral does a cyclone, which is an ok move by him as I was going for a kill, I used the ap trinket and gargoyle. But his cyclone is with DR, so it’s 3 seconds. After the heal on me the pala throws in a beautiful stun. As he starts nuking, he gets a cc from the feral. The resto had just been in bear, his cyclone was interrupted, and now he got a stun while having only rejuv on himself.

He’s dead by the end of the pala stun. Didn’t even get a chance to use pet stun , silence or empower rune weapon.

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