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Let’s check out a classical matchup. Warrior druid on the left, priest rogue on the right. I start with a piercing howl right before charging. That fortunately brings out the rogue. Anytime I’m fighting against priest + dps, no matter what setup I’m playing, as long as it’s healer + dps, I’m thinking about being able to mana outlast them.

Usually against non priest healers there is some sort of cc required to win the game, against priests cc is less effective, and especially against priest rogue.

That is because when the priest gets a CC, the rogue can stun / evade and just run away from a warrior. Not to mention that a good priest can bring up a rogue from the brink of death with shield, penance, renew and pain suppression if necessary. So if you are fighting against priest rogue as dps+healer then perhaps your best option is to survive until the priest goes out of mana.

No, that’s not true… Of course this varies from setup to setup. If in your setup the rogue can’t easily kite you or loss you then you should go for rogue while cc’ing the priest.

On this fight I went mostly for the priest. In this kind of battles the rogue will most of the time be on the warrior, with stuns and poison slows it really keeps the warrior in check, and unable to do a proper damage sequence on the priest. Doesn’t matter if the druid removes my poisons, the poisons quickly get reapplied and the -70% move speed allows the priest to just walk away from me even if hamstringed. You will see this priest losses me a lot which keeps me from charging him and catching up.

That is why I’m forced to switch to rogue fairly often, you wouldn’t want to just run at -70% speed after a priest while the rogue is hammering your back. Doing damage on the rogue make the priest come out of loss which gives me the chance for a charge. After the charge I hamstring him, but without much use, as the poisons keep me slowed.

To counter this I had the druid cycloning the rogue while having abolish poison on me at all times. Having me on the priest also makes it harder for him to mana burn.

Even so, if the rogue is properly slowing you down, might be a good idea to just go for him and just hope that you can burn through his cooldowns before he can burn through yours. The battle will usually get decided by mana.

The priest and druid have a separate mana battle on their own. With the priest trying to fear and mana burn the druid, and with the druid trying to loss and cyclone the priest. An important point in this matchup is when the priest uses shadowfiend or when the druid uses innervate. Try to CC the priest’s shadowfiend, keeps him from getting more mana. Try to dispel innervate.

Eventually I had no choice but to go for the rogue. As we were wining the mana battle they started playing highly defensive. When the priest would drink the rogue would use a stun and then runaway from me. This defensive play also gave a chance for my druid to sit and drink. And that ended up in having the battle reset.

The priest was nuking, healing and drinking. When my druid was going to stop him from drinking he would fear and mana burn him. This good play by the priest had my druid go oom once again and the battle was lost.

In another fight against exactly the same team, that same defensive play that made them win earlier got us a kill on the rogue. Priest went loss drinking. The rogue had used his other defensive cooldowns so now he used sprint to loss me. I had no hamstring on him as I had both charge and intercept off cooldown. I’m trying to position myself between priest and rogue so that if they get los of each other I also get a charge on the rogue.

This works out nicely with insect swarm and deep wounds ticking away at the rogue while he is losing me and his healer at the same time. I slow the priest with piercing howl so it would be even harder for him to catch up with the rogue. The rogue almost escapes me at this corner. One hit and he is dead. Though even if he escaped me here the priest would have still have gotten a cyclone.

On this match we have Unholy Dk and Holy Pala against Rogue Mage. 2 very common setups. As Holy/Unholy against double dps teams, your main goal is to survive and use cooldowns fast. We start up with consecration and Death and Decay, maybe bring up the rogue and prevent a sap.

Good rogues will usually be able to sap through the Death and Decay. They sap as it finishes or they use cloak of shadows. So I’m sapped pala get pollyed. And this is their 1st mistake they should have sapped the pala and then link a poly to it. Don’t know what their intention was, pala might have been in combat though I can’t really tell. Since the pala is pollyed that usually means they gonna open up on me. So I don’t trinket the sap. Rogue starts with the classical cheapshot kidney shot.

I trinket the kidney, this is an ok move, although it leaves me open to a cc chain and a switch on pala. But most teams don’t usually switch and even if they would, pala would dispel poly and could sacrifice Hand of Protection to remove Blind so I’m good to go anyways. Pala trinkets the 1st polly, which means the 2nd one will last half as long.

He then uses divine sacrifice which means he is taking some of my damage which means he can’t be cc-ed again. And even so he runs opposite of the mage, the mage can’t reach him to polly him. You notice the mage runs after him and looses valuable time.

And there we go a nice polly by the mage there, exactly after divine sacrifice was over. But paladin bubbles out of it. Antimagic shell is up, rogue tries to run and reset the battle while the mage pollys me. But I get instant dispelled and rogue gets pulled back. He vanishes and sprits but it is too late for him.

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