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Shannox is not alone, he has two dogs helping him out. Shannox loves his dogs, when either of the dogs die he gets enraged. Just the same the 2 dogs are devoted to their evil master, so when their master goes below 30% the dogs get enraged. It’s best to have them enraged for as little time as possible.

That’s why you want to bring down all 3 at the same time, and kill both dogs just before Shannox reaches 30%, then kill Shannox, he will be enraged so use all cooldowns, defensive and offensive to execute him.

The main part of the fight consists of attacking shannox and its dogs. Classes that can multidot should dot all 3 targets for extra dps.

Shannox places a stacking dot type debuff on his tank. It’s the standard tank debuff that demands a rotation between 2 tanks. Rule of thumb is: the tank without the debuff gets agro. The catch this time is that the boss and his dogs are taunt immune. It was supposed to be tauntable on normal mode ant taunt immune on heroic. Whether this will get patched or not I don’t know. If it gets pached, simply taunt of eachother. Otherwise, have all ranged on Rageface at the start of the battle, and all melees on Riplimb. the tanks are getting a decent threat advantage. I’m insisting on this tank threat issue because it can cause a lot of wipes if tanks can’t swap.

When a tank swap needs to happen, the tank that is currently tanking stops his attacks. A tank stoping attacking or getting hand of salvation would mean that the rest of the raid would catch up in agro, but as I said, the rest of the raid was on the dogs in start allowing tanks an agro advantage. Rogues and hunters should keep on using tricks and misdirect thought the fight on the tank that needs to catch up on aggro.

Riplimb, one of the 2 dogs, places the same stacking debuff, Jagged Tear, on his tank. In order to reset the debuff your 3rd tank should periodically take Riplimp over a crystal trap which freezes Rimplimb in place and allows for him to reset the debuff. After entering the trap the dog smartens up for a while and is immune, he is Wary and cannot be caught by another trap.

The other dog, Rageface, he cannot be tanked, he aggros random raid members. If you get attacked by Rageface try to lure him into a trap. Have one or two healers with Rageface on focus, always healing Rageface’s targets. This dog’s main ability, Face Rage, stuns a target and keeps doing more and more damage to it until it kills it. The ability stops once the dogs takes 45k damage in a single hit. May seem like much but during the ability the dog 50% more likely to be critically hit. Have all your hard hitting ranged on Rageface, your ranged players are to use their most powerful abilities when they see the dog going Face Rage.

Shannox seems like a hunter type boss with dogs as pets and all and with the traps. Two types of traps one immolation, one crystal, they are very important. Immolation does damage and increases damage taken, crystal freezes in place. Keep in mind that both players and dogs can be affected by the traps so the best course of action is to avoid them and drag the dogs in them. Dps the traps to free the players that get caught, but really players shouldn’t get trapped it takes a lot of damage to free them.

Avoid Hurl Spear, there’s a big red spot on the floor where it will land. Hurl Spear also makes it harder to tank Riplimb in melee for cleave damage, Hurl Spear will always be aimed close to Riplimb.

Don’t stay in front of boss as he has a wide cleave.

In 10 man you can do the encounter with 2 tanks. Tank one keeps agro on both Shannox and Riplimb, Once his debuff goes too high, the other tank takes over.

=========== Heroic ===========

Quick short guide, focusing on the important aspects of the fight. You don’t need to kill the dogs anymore. Instead the dogs gain a stacking buff, feeding frenzy, which increases damage done on each attack. The more the dogs spend attacking a person without resetting the debuff the more damage they do and that’s how ppl end up dead.

The main focus on heroic is on properly resetting the stacks on the dogs. You reset the stacks by using both traps and distance. Trapping Riplimb is the job of his tank. You can choose to have the Riplimb tank very far from the raid .Trap Riplimb just before Shannox throws his spear. The trap + the time it takes for him to carry the spear will reset his stacks. Remember, while carrying the spear Riplimb is immune to traps so trap him before.

Trapping Rageface reliably will ensure a kill. Have 2 assigned ranged on him, arcane mage and hunter recommended. They are to interrupt Face Rage. When Face Rage gets interrupted the dog goes after the person who interrupted him, in this case the arcane mage. Any raider can diminish the amount of stacks the dog gains by running away from him when they are targeted. Your main ranged should be watching the frenzy stacks and call out the targets of rageface to either run if no trap available or trap.

Most importantly after Rageface does get trapped you will want your entire raid to move as far as possible from the trap to ensure that once the dog gets out has enough running to do to reset the stacks.

It’s good to have rogues disarming the immolation traps so that the dogs don’t accidentally go over them and become trap immune for a short while.


-3 #11 Vipboy 2011-10-21 15:02
hey can u make a warlock roatation and fireland show cause i saw all and i still cant make my dps high enough and without dps i cant get fl achi to get it ...

Vipboy-Jaedenar -EU-
+2 #10 Love2playwowme2 2011-09-20 10:06
0 #9 Khalidon 2011-09-05 09:16
Quoting Zamiya:
What would you recommend to be a good way to tank Shannox in 10-man? We tried the MT to tank Shannox and hope that he avoids enough for the stacks to wear off, and the OT tanking Riplimb. The downside of this strategy is that the MT will often have high stacks when entering P2 and thus die, and then Shannox will proceed to kill off the DPS since there is no OT to pick him up.

The timing of this will be important. Trap rip at 1-5% of his health so that the MT is going into P2 with a clear slate. No one should break rip out. Let the trap run it's full course and when the dog gets free, everyone needs to get busy taking him down the rest of the way.
0 #8 mastergamer 2011-08-24 23:43
is there a way you can leave the dogs in the battle the whole time and only go after the main boss or do you still need to fight the dogs. I was thinking 4 healers in the raid group (25man) would be good to do this 3healers (10man) is this good or not? :-|
+1 #7 Dan 2011-07-14 00:47
use the range, If OT can maneuvre riplimb at at least 60 yards from MT, a ranged can slow him on the return with the spear and the stacks drop off. we used a shadow priest or arcane mage.
put all dps on rageface then go to boss, get boss to approx 40% (tank will hit for another 5 % ish).
Kill riplimb then nuke the last 35% out of boss with hero/bloodlust/timew arp
+1 #6 love2playwow 2011-07-04 15:35
Quoting Fernando Peñaherrera:
Hi. We managed to get Shannox to the "no dogs" phase, but he continues to kill tanks in 2 seconds, even with a proper CD rotation. Have you any advice on this issue?

Hashshahsin - 85 Rogue- US Ragnaros

with cd rotation, with Bloodlust, the tank with no debuffs on him should survive. Might be that your tank accidentally stepped into the immolation trap. Either that or bad gearing.

We managed to get the kill with condensing all cooldowns both raid wide and on the tank in the couple of seconds from 30% till 0%.
+1 #5 love2playwow 2011-07-04 15:31
alternate strategy(tested) = ranged kill rageface from start. (this works for 25 man because raiders spend less time getting attacked by rageface and his ability) also more ranged on rageface increase the chances he will get a 45k hit during his ability.
0 #4 Fernando Peñaherrera 2011-07-04 14:35
Hi. We managed to get Shannox to the "no dogs" phase, but he continues to kill tanks in 2 seconds, even with a proper CD rotation. Have you any advice on this issue?

Hashshahsin - 85 Rogue- US Ragnaros
0 #3 Rodpad 2011-07-03 11:35
Leeloo Dallas Multidot
+1 #2 love2playwow 2011-07-01 10:08
MT should tank both Shannox and Riplimb, Riplimb hits for less in 10 man. Then on the switch OT takes BOTH Shannox and Riplimb and allows MT to loose his debuffs. This switch is hardest part of this fight.
Other than that, MT can try to maneuver Rimplimb over traps to diminish the rate at which he gains the debuff or to increase damage on rimplimb from imo trap.

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