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Twilight Ascendants

Twilight Ascendants, basically elementals. 4 elementals, you fight 2 at a time. You start with fire and water. Keep melees on fire, ranged on water. Your goal is to get them to 25% at the same time. If you get let’s say one to 25 and one to 27, than that is an extra 2% life that you will have to fight against in deadly phase 3.  If you got lots of melees you can have some ranged putting some dots on fire elemental, but really it’s not a dps race at this stage, call out for dps stop if needed in order to make sure both of them go down evenly.

Fire elemental puts up a shield on himself, called Aegis of flame, and does a channeled spell that can’t be interrupted unless the shield is down. Ranged switch to fire at this stage to break the shield fast, once the shield is down, interrupt. After interrupt, ranged switch back to water.

Water elemental will cast water bombs that cause you to become waterlogged. Move to the fireline to remove the debuff. Interrupt his Hydrolance. His tank should move away from him when he does Glaciate, a spell that does massive damage to those close to him.

Two more, not so crucial debuffs in this fight: Hearth of ice, players with this debuff move to the melee camp, melees will do more damage to fire this way. In the same way, players with Burning Blood should move to the ranged camp as they empower raiders that are doing damage to the water boss.

Once any of them reach 25%, two new elementals show up. Wind and earth. And this is where things become a bit more hectic, you get tossed up and down by tornados, spikes lightnings and all of that.

Main mechanic in this phase is to alternate between being airborne and being grounded. You get airborne but touching a tornado. You will notice you get wind underneath your feet. While you are airborne, you do not touch the ground, thus, the massive deadly ability that Terestra does, Quake, does not kill you.  After the quake finishes, best thing to do is to get back to your normal grounded self by walking into the gravity well. As you are grounded now, you are not as affected by the massive and deadly Thundershock.   After Thundershock another Quake will follow and so on, the 2 alternate.

It is a matter of knowing which ability will come next and what your status should be grounded or airborne. It’s good if you have a raid member calling out get grounded or get airborne. Sometimes you can get grounded, you are slowed by the grounding zone and then a tornado comes and gets all up in your face making you airborne again, so you have to get grounded again.

Doesn’t matter that much which boss melees or ranged are dpsing at this stage, there will be some chaos in the room anyways. Air teleports, making melees run around after him, ground creates ground spikes. Point is, get them down to 25% at the same time.

The real killer in this phase is the lightning rod. Player targeted gets an arrow on his head, he must move away from everyone else, and everyone else must move away from him. If he is not far enough, he can get chain lighting on him, which links to another player and then to another player and so on, and you can end up with half the raid dead. This is not such of an issue in 10 man where you have well only 10 players and one lightning rod, but in 25, 25 crowded ppl… and on top of that you get 3 lightning rods instead of one. I don’t see a balance here. Anyways, all raid members should move in towards the inside of the room when lightning rod is cast and the yellow arrows appear. Targeted players move to the edge. Do not dps, and do not go for tornados, do not go for grounding zones, go strait out even if it means you might die, die alone and in a corner, without taking the rest of the raid with you.

Interrupt Arion. Do extra dps on Terrastra when it has it’s shield on: Harden Skin. But your main focus should be getting grounded or airbone and lightining rods.

Once any of them reach 25%, phase 3 begins. All the elementals combine to create the elementium monstrosity. It has the combined hp of  the elementals you previously fought and some of their abilities. It’s a dps race till the end. Move in a wide circle as he drops wather puddles. This phase won’t last long enough for the water puddles to actually fill up the room you should move boss fairly often. Dps him from the front if you have to. Ranged stay spread out for chain lightnings.

Fire sparks indicate where fire is about to hit. Stay in between them to minimize damage. Extra heals on players targeted by gravity bomb.

Heroic from Midwinter


0 #28 You are awesome 2011-06-09 08:49
Haha, I really laughed at the end!

But man, i've been following you from WotLK and it's awesome that you still do this! Your videos are awesome, Tankspot is bull[censored] against this! Thanks mon, keep working!
0 #27 itsme 2011-05-22 17:13
omg that is serious skills by the pala and its really nice guide u do there keep it please :D that helps alot of players! and i really like the end 5/5
0 #26 Hellgrom 2011-05-09 16:48
Listen to them mate, this is accually much better than tankspot! Loved your vids, always will - thanks for making em. chris-Norway
0 #25 Molika 2011-04-26 00:40
Okey, I love this ike no joke :D
Keep up the vids, they rock! and are really helpful!!
0 #24 Grimm 2011-04-18 09:41
Hey mate quick question how did you get your DBM set up like that?
0 #23 Plszedre 2011-03-14 14:29
i seriously lolled @ the hero paladin rofl
+1 #22 Cirozel-Zenedar 2011-03-10 15:51
Thx for this guid, and i like your accent :D :lol:
0 #21 Bjk 2011-03-08 20:45
Really nice video and most of all really nice ending :D keep up the good work :D
0 #20 Ilumy 2011-02-27 19:48
Dude THX u are the first 1 who makes some sence
0 #19 Reaper 2011-02-26 12:39
Paladins are heroes forever!!

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