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1st boss from Dragon Soul is Morchok I didn’t make a guide for him cus he was kinda easy ,If you wanna see Morchok check on my website I’ve put the guide from learn2raid. This guide is for Zon’ozz, the 2nd boss. A bit more challenging but overall not that difficult.

Main concept of the fight: You’ve got 2 groups, one ranged one melee, these 2 groups bounce a shadow sphere between them during phase one. The shadow sphere must not reach the wall. The shadow sphere explodes each time it bounces, damage from the explosion is shared by those closest to it. Naturally you want your 2 groups to be as compact and as coordinated as possible. We tried sending 1 player, for example a hunter with deterrence to solo take the sphere, he didn’t make it.

Might sound easy but there are some things to look out for. Players rushing to get the sphere, some are faster then others, result, the faster ones die because there are not enough ppl sharing damage. We found that the best way to coordinate ourselves is to mark 2 players and everyone would stack and follow them religiously. For ranged we got the star, for melees the green triangle.

A critical moment is when the boss needs to get hit by the Sphere. This means turning the boss around, and the boss, of course he has a deadly cone attack. At the same time the tank needs to be out of the way of the Sphere. Main tank would call out every time before he would let the boss take a hit. He turns to the left, I turn to the left as well and the rest of melees follow me and the boss takes the Sphere.

How do you know when the boss should take the Sphere? 4-5 bounces should be fine but what you really wanna look out for is his debuff. Doesn’t matter what it’s called you just have to have him hit a sphere before it runs out. That’s the critical debuff right there it increases damage taken by the boss, you must never let that drop, in the end in our kill he reached about 18 stacks.

Speaking about debuffs we can’t discriminate, everybody has to have a debuff and so players get one as well. The debuff that players get causes dot damage and it should be dispelled. When dispelled, the player takes a 70k damage. Now imagine dispelling a player right after or just before the Sphere reaches your group, the combined damage kills him. Additionally when a player gets dispelled he explodes and bounces, now again imagine how he bounces into a sphere, causing it to explode and killing himself and others.

Because of the bounces and the extra damage we found it easiest to have our affected debuffed players move out of the raid when they get the debuff. They move out, they get dispelled, they get healed, they move back in. Remember that, get healed , then move back in , don’t get dispelled and be like yay I’m dispelled, and you move in you take damage from sphere and you die, wait to get healed before taking sphere damage.

When the Black Sphere hits the boss you go into phase 2, the Black Phase. 30 second phase, really high raid wide damage taken. Stack behind the boss and just heal and dps. This is when the debuffs from the Sphere bouncing get applied to the boss. Have raid wide defensive cooldowns lined up for around 4. black phases. Use bloodlust/heroism in the 3rd or 4th black phase. He shouldn’t really survive beyond the 4th black phase.

At the begging of the fight and after each Black Phase, when no Black Sphere has yet spawned, have your tank face the boss towards the ranged camp, that’s where the sphere will spawn.

Fatboss                               Heroic                                    L2R

How we killed - Zon’Ozz

-3 healers

-We killed the Claw 1st on Black Phase. Why? It allows us to stay stacked for most of the Black Phase, which is when most of the damage happens and allows for stacked aoe healing. Melees were dpsing the claw, ranged were going for the eye that was closest. After finishing the claw we would go for the rest of the eyes just as the black phase was ending. 2 groups one left one right.

Interrupt the eyes, when they are crouched, trembling, that's when they are casting! You can interrupt with no cast bar like this.

-7 to 9 stacks on boss for the 1st 3 bounces. When one minute left BL and let the ball hit him.

-Last (4th)Black Phase we finished him. We Stacked on Boss and ignored adds. Tank went over to the Claw and we followed shortly with the boss. ( we don’t stack on claw this time because the boss takes quite some time to go from center to claw and we want to use that time to dps)

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